4.1 miles
3,211 feet
Out & Back



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wild flowers


no dogs

8 months ago

It is easily the steepest hike I have ever been on. class 3 and some 4. The trail starts steep, and stays that way with only a couple of flat spots. The first bit is up through the forest. Climbing up and often using roots and rocks to help you ascend. You cross creek leading to a meadow that is a nice place to sit down and take a well needed breather. A little ways after that, you reach a talus field. This is very steep and requires your full concentration. Staying to the right is very important. You then go straight up some more to another gully. This is where we decided to turn around. We couldn’t see where the trail went and it was getting a little late in the day. This app didn’t work so great up there. Not complaining about the app as I use it frequently without problems. We made it a little over a mile up, and it was very tough going. I admit to not being in peak physical shape, but this mountain will test you no matter what shape you’re in. Lots of loose rock that can hurt you. I would recommend bringing a helmet. We will be back to try and summit next time. Just know what you’re in for with his one. It is unrelenting.