Mount Spokane July-Oct Hike

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Mount Spokane July-Oct Hike is a 6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mead, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.0 miles
1,486 feet

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A strenuous hike that takes you up to the peak of Mount Spokane via the steepest ski run, "No Alibi" - great views. This hike is short in distance, but its second mile will wear you out! Going off-trail up the No Alibi Ski Run, with undergrowth, uneven ground and rock is challenging. The views and being off-trail makes an experience unlike any other on Mt. Spokane. You really feel like you are one with the mountain. Plus, as you approach the peak, having tourists who drove to the top look down to see you hiking upwards is well worth it. - It is highly recommended to hike up the No Alibi Ski Run, it is at an incline where it is dangerous to attempt to hike it downward. Going down the Mt. Spokane ski runs is better suited on the runs east of the Vista House. - Proper footwear, hiking boots with ankle support is HIGHLY recommended. Wear liner socks. Trekking poles to insure your footing and for extra power in getting up the mountain is also recommended. If you have sensitive skin, wear long pants - the undergrowth can be punishing. - FYI: Bring extra water. The ski run area sees upwards of 18 hours of sun per day during the summer. As such, a wide brimmed hat is suggested. - DOGS: Make sure your dog is in shape to make this climb. Not only do they have to deal with the steep incline, but they have to jump over and through undergrowth. My dog hikes 150 miles a month, but the No Alibi Ski Run had him panting like I've never seen him do before.

1 month ago

There were lots of huckleberry bushes that you stop and pick along the way in late July. It was very difficult for me to follow this trail. I got lost multiple times and ended up off trailing it to the top straight through a lot of bushes. Maybe I just missed the trail but parts of it seemed disconnected. The view from the top was beautiful though.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Drove to the park today from Spokane. I'm visiting Spokane so I used Google maps to get there. It took me on a route through ID that dead ended at a locked, private logging company gate with security cameras. Reviewed routes and went in on 206, but that was blocked at the park office. The road is under construction before the 110 trailhead and they aren't allowing anyone past. They said they usually don't work saturdays, but they were that Saturday.

Met some folks that used the PowerLine from the park office to get to 110, so I took that. Very steep and off camber game(?) Trail until it intersects the 110 trail.

On the plus side, had the trails mostly to myself on a Saturday.

Hiked up to the saddle junction and then down the 401 trail. Outhouse at saddle has a broken door, but it is still serviceable. A side trail on 401 just below the saddle leads to some nice views and forks in several directions, but I didn't have time to explore much after all the driving.

Trail was in great shape. Only one large tree across it, but it was low enough to climb over. Wish I had time to get to one of the peaks, but very worthwhile.

Found this about the closure later. Wish I had known about the closure earlier.

22 days ago

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