Mima Mounds Trail is a 4.2 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Olympia, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 4.2 km Elevation Gain: 9 m Route Type: Loop

kid friendly

nature trips


bird watching


partially paved


wild flowers


no dogs

A Discover Pass is required to enter the Capitol State Forest. Mima Mounds are a natural prairie land of puzzling mounds that have baffled scientist and geologists for years. They are definitely worth a look if you're in the Capitol State Forest area. The mounds are the major attraction with a couple of kiosks that explain the possible reasons for their existence. There are a couple of loop trails to take you through the area that are paved. There are also side trails (unpaved) where you can walk around the mounds and experience them, as well as the wildflowers, up close and personal. There is a 0.5 mile loop that is ADA accessible.

9 days ago

11 days ago

We needed an easy pleasant walk ...since one of our hiking group injured his ankle so it was beautiful.A must

16 days ago

19 days ago

This was a very pretty outing. Paved trail the whole time. The mounds are a real neat geologic feature.

29 days ago

Beautiful & easy trail. Spring flowers were past peak but there are still quite a few out and very pretty!

5 months ago

Nice easy hike. Recent cougar sighting (12/19/19). We didn’t see anything. One downfall was the noise from the nearby shooting club; it was basically nonstop the entire time we were there.

7 months ago

Easy trail. The early morning frost was beautifully glistening in the sun and coating the spider webs, long grass, and shrubs. We also got to hear meadow larks singing their beautiful songs.

8 months ago

small hiking trail with platforms for observation and photos.

9 months ago

A great trail to view the prehistoric mounds created by Mimathons, a long extinct Giant population. Local springs provided a natural source of water for these colossal humanoids, while an abundance of wildlife and vegetation aided in sustenance. Trees that once stood 400ft tall were uprooted during mating rituals, and these mounds were made by Mimathons to bury the smell of excrement on their pristine prairie. Enjoy the views, freedom fire, expansive skyline and prehistoric poop piles

no shade
10 months ago

It’s an open expanse with no shade. Flat rather featureless terrain with a scattering of curious glacial hillocks. The incessant gun shots from the neighbor private skeet club adds little to the overall experience. It’s an okay place to visit if you’re just after some exercise and an uncrowned environment.

Sat Jun 01 2019

Easy trail indeed. Came on a great day-clear sky, 70, no humidity. Walked 3.8 miles in two hours and took many pictures. Use the ADA trail if you want shade.

Mon May 27 2019

Cute little walk

Sun Apr 14 2019

just a boring loop sometimes you may see coyotes and wolf.

no shade
Thu Mar 28 2019

Pretty good trail for just walking. Near a shooting range, so that seems to scare off any wildlife. Not much to see except the mounds, so not my favorite, as I like scenic places closer to the water. But a great, quick trail hike. Not hilly, and there is a small loop in the wooded area. Mostly, you’re in the open prairie field. If it’s sunny, I would suggest sunscreen, and if you have a stroller, once you’re off the pavement it’s pretty bumpy.

no shade
Sat Mar 23 2019

what a weird place! the interpretive signs at the start were helpful to learn about this interesting spot. the trail was easy and even inspired me to jog in stretches. there are a handful of benches along the way to take in the view. there are no trees so bring a visored hat for some shade!

Thu Mar 21 2019

It looked nice. I didn’t go very far because it sounded like it was close to a gun range. Which puts me off of any hiking place.

Sun Mar 03 2019

Doesn’t allow dogs, so a non-starter for our family. Disappointing.

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Sat Mar 02 2019

Beautiful and easy hike. Family friendly.

Wed Feb 20 2019

Nice easy hike. Good for early spring hike.

Sat Jan 26 2019

Very well maintained wheelchair accessible path. Maintained parking area. Nice overlook tower, and informative station.

Fri Aug 24 2018

The longer loop is a little rocky but overall it's a nice walk. There are a lot of grasshoppers so watch your step and try not to smoosh them! Also, ladies don't wear a v-neck! I had two hit me on the lower chest area and they might have gotten in my shirt if it had been lower cut. Wish there wasn't a gun range close by, you can absolutely hear the rounds going off.

Tue Aug 21 2018

Nice walk for kids and the short walk is ADA accessible. Very easy for families, but not for people looking for a good work out. We didn't hear any gunshots, thankfully, as others have. Interesting natural site.

Sun Jul 22 2018

Great area to get out and go for a jog or just enjoy the nature, there is an ADA accessible paved path, but you can also go further out on the dirt path. You can usually see hawks about half way out, sometimes you see RC planes in the field next to the mounds. The people complaining about gunshots must not go very far in because you definitely don't hear it the whole trail, occasionally by the entrance you do hear the sportsman's club enjoying their freedom and exercising their 2nd ammendment rights.

Sun Jul 01 2018

We hiked the Mima Falls trail. 5 miles out and back. Worth every step. The waterfall at the end was so beautiful. Sat and had lunch next to it. Lots of horse poo. Saw salamanders in the river but not many birds.

Tue Jun 26 2018

Interesting geography and a nice little interpretive center. I caught the end of wildflower season and was there on a hot day-- bad idea as there was no shade. Saw hawks diving for prey. Recommend going on an overcast day.

Sat Jun 02 2018

Drove almost an hour to get there, it wasn't worth it. Very boring, and an extremely easy paved walk. Not to mention you can't bring pets, and the park is next to a shooting range. The entire time you walk you hear gunshots. I will not be back again. I don't recommend it for people wanting good views or a good workout. However, it would be a nice visit for families with children.

Sun May 27 2018

Very boring. We drove 40 minutes to get here and it definitely wasn’t worth it. I don’t recommend it.

Sun May 20 2018

Fun, interesting outing with my two boys. Nice family outing!

Tue May 01 2018

nice flat, has an ADA loop that os easy on my wife since she had knee replacement. The other two loops are easy and was a great work out for ankles after a major surgery. The booming of the guns at the sportsman center after a bit is easily tuned out and we were entertained by model aircraft flying nearby. Lots of early spring blooms for wild flowers as well as a number of scatt markings from several animals. A fun hour get away.

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