Horseshoe Ridge Trail

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Horseshoe Ridge Trail is a 10.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Stevenson, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October.

10.7 miles 3723 feet Loop



nature trips




wild flowers


Directions from Amboy: Travel north on State Highway 503 for approximately four miles to Forest Route 54. Follow 54 east to the forest boundary (about 8-9 miles). Continue on 54 east to Forest Route 57. Follow 57 east to Forest Route 5704. Follow 5704 east until it mergers with Forest Route 58. Continue on 58 east to the trailhead of the Siouxon trail #130. Horseshoe ridge trail can be accessed at two separate points on the Siouxon trail #130.

2 months ago

Love this trail, but be prepared to hike through brush. The trail isn't as used as it says.. very steep at first but worth the trek!

6 months ago

the waterfalls on the way to this trail are cool. literally

10 months ago

10 months ago

We hiked this in April it's a decent hike uphill it's wooded through most of the hike. Siouxon is really crowded however there's no one that we saw on Horseshoe Ridge

11 months ago

In summary:
- this is an all day hike
- about half of it is up hill
- which makes it a great workout for dogs
- wouldn't recommend till summer because of snow
- recommend starting at the Eastern side because the ascent is more gradual
- start nice and early so you can take it slow
- no streams to refill water

Ok so...

The first mile or so is straight up. And there's not much in the way of tree roots or stones to provide natural steps to give you a leg up (like there are on the Rachael Lake trail), this is basically just walking up a very very steep ramp for 2 miles. For this reason I think I would recommend starting from the far end of the loop, because the ascent seemed a little more gradual.

That being said the East side of the loop was HELL because there was still a couple inches of snow, and the trail on the East side was very narrow and barely there. There was a layer of long grass underneath the snow which was horrible for traction. I'm sure this section would be much better in the summer.

This was definitely a very challenging hike. I was able to complete the Horseshoe Ridge loop in about 4 hours, and the entire loop from the Souixon parking lot in about 6. And that's only stopping for about 30 minutes total.

There are definite pros to this hike. Whereas the Souixon is somewhat popular, I did not see a single soul while on the Horseshoe Ridge portion, nor was there even a single footprint in the snow we walked through. At the top of the Western portion of the ridge there are some incredible views, and I wish I would have had the time to stop for longer to enjoy them. But I was by myself and hadn't set off till around 11am so I was trying not to get stuck in the dark. That being said I would recommend starting nice and early so you can take your time and enjoy the views.

It was a GREAT trail for the dogs (two huskies), even though I was swearing as we kept climbing it was great for wearing them out and giving them some good exercise.