Hansen Ridge Trail #1020 (Little Saint Helens)

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Hansen Ridge Trail #1020 (Little Saint Helens) is a 5.3 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near North Bend, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.3 miles
912 feet

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wild flowers


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Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, in partnership with the US Forest Service and Mountains to Sound Greenway, secured grants to remove the first series of forest roads from the system and convert some of them into single track mountain bike trail. The trail flows nice, and is a bit loose in places. The trail is a comprised of two converted roads that connect with a trail about half way. The converted road/trails were made to simulate a trail out of a straight section of road and wind around from left to right with some small rollers and sections of rock and trees. The views from along the trail are spectacular, particularly on the upper segment.

20 days ago

Originally we planned to hike Humpback Mountain but we missed the trailhead and ended up making our way to the Hansen Ridge Trail (Little Saint Helen). The trailhead is easy to find. Follow NF5510 to a dead end parking area with a gate. From the gate, follow the straight path on the gravel road for about a mile or less to the fork in the road: if you go straight, it's towards the Watershed; to the right is towards Hansen Ridge Trailhead. The Hansen trailhead is easy to spot, it's on the right side of the road right before a big gate. The entire walk was a nice easy stroll. There was snow on the ground but easy to walk on. The views were gorgeous and there were plenty of areas to stop, sit, and enjoy. There were a few other people on the trail with dogs. We didn't walk the entire route due to time restraints but a few people told us it's 8 miles RT back to the parking area. We had no problems with bugs. Also, there is no restroom at this hike.

23 days ago

Road to Trail head still holding snow 1/4 mile from lot. Trail passable but covered in places to 5' but snowshoes not required. Made it from the watershed trail access to the northern (I-90) turn to the west but the snow was getting soft so turned there. Great views as usual, the main trailhead gate was shot up and open. If you see or hear shooting at the trailhead, call the King County Sheriff, this continues to be a problem along FS road 5510 despite a number of signs indicating this is a "Safety Corridor" and no shooting.....apparently some people don't care or can't read.

6 months ago

I would say that this hike would have been amazing had there been no snow but since there was snow that was about 2 ft deep in a lot of places, it made it extremely hard to complete. Should have turned back around towards the beginning but boyfriend and I thought it would be fine for us with just simple hiking boots and some layers on. We were wrong.

7 months ago

Tuesday 10-31-2017: My wife and I joined Trail Mix group to hike to Little Saint Helens. The weather was sunny and wind was calm. My wife and I reached both north summit and south summit. We enjoyed warm sunshine and good views.

9 months ago

Great trail with lovely mountains views and a steady incline. Not a lot of shade so morning hikes are better on hot days. Wild flowers, chipmunks, butterflies and more. Trail is really rocky at times. We started our trek by walking the path on the right; we got halfway through the trail then decided to turn around; couldn't chance some of the larger animal tracks we saw on the trail. They weren't kidding about "light traffic."

Parking lot was a little concerning; lots of empty shells from target shooting and broken glass everywhere. We just parked on the side of the road instead. Apparently this trail is also good for Quartz crystals. We met a bunch of seekers on our way back down.

9 months ago

8/21/2017 (Monday) - Sunny, 65F-75F, solar eclipse at 10:20, sunlight just slightly dimmer at that moment. The trail is rarely used, so there is overgrowth. It is built with great effort after the logging roads became unused and damaged by landslides. The trail has not much incline, and attracts mountain bikers, but today, we did not encounter any. It's about 6 miles & 1,000 feet for 3.5 hours of slow moving.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A good amount of snow cover from trail head to top. It was also a little tricky to find the fork to the summit (it's marked with a cairn and orange tape). Our GPS showed 9ish miles round trip. If the weather was more clear the view would have been amazing. I will definitely be back in the summer.

Followed the guide in link below, super helpful as the snow made it difficult at times.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Sunday 6-8-2014: My wife and I hiked Hansen Ridge Trail #1020 (Little Saint Helens). The weather was partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. There were many snow patches above 3500 ft and some sections of the trail had running water. The trail above 4200 ft is a decommissioned logging road and is not maintained. We stopped at a ridge at 4400 ft and had lunch. The views from the ridge were pretty good. We saw Granite Mountain, Kaleetan Peak, Bandera Mountain, Humpback Mountain, McLellan Butte, and Mount Rainier. Wildflowers we saw and could name are Beargrass, Yellow violet, trillium, and marsh marigold. We met only one other group of three hikers and a dog.

When we returned to the trailhead, about ten people were target shooting at the parking lot even though the sign said target shooting was prohibited. Maybe those people cannot read. I reported the shooting activities to USFS. We will not return because the sound of target shooting was unpleasant.

11 months ago