7.8 miles
2,145 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


horseback riding



6 months ago

I gave this hike two stars but thats my opinion and others will see this hike differently. I value a tough hike with awesome views, this was neither. We did this hike at a one way through hike and that was enjoyable. This was a hike that I had wanted to do and I am glad I did it but I would never do it again. I did it with a good group of people otherwise I might consider this a wasted day. The hike starts at Snoqualmie Point and crosses roads, goes through an older area that was logged but not growing again. The trail is wide and feels like your on the freeway rather then a scenic back road with warmth. Stan's and Grand Prospect offered no views but I have seen them before and had little to do with my opinion of the hike. At this point we put on spikes at Grand Prospect for ease of travel even though you could have passed without them. Just after this we encountered the detour and clear cut. I know that these logging operations often are the reason that the trails and roads are accessible as they are revenue generating but I think they could be more responsible with how they make things appear and look. There is a section of blow downs that made a great obstacle course for us, but if they are going to cut right to the edge dont they have some accountability being they didnt leave any buffer? We continued up and reach the summit and then it was a pretty fast hike down back to the cars.

This is a great beginner hike or for someone that is looking for a change of pace from an out and back hike but for any hikers that seek a challenge when hiking, find another hike to so as there are many more waiting. Grand Prospect and back is decent as is Rattlesnake Ledge and back. The clear cut really bumped a solid one to two stars off the hike.