6.6 miles
2900 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


8 months ago

This is an easy difficult hike. It is hard, (up and down the other side) but the mileage goes quickly as the journey is varied and divided into thirds which marks time enjoyably. First third is a beautiful deep Cascade forest, next third is a trip through flower filled meadows and the final third is the push up to the top of an alpine pass with glorious views. If you're going to spend the night don't waste your time on the dreary Fisher BAsin camp which has sites packed next to each other in a viewless area. Rather, Get a cross-country permit and get a half-mile off the beaten path anywhere and set up a glorious camp. As you lay asleep at night, remember that the last sighting of a Grizzly was along Fisher creek. (In the "60"s) (My trip there was in 1989 but I 'm not going to waste my time messing with that calendar)