Cutthroat Lake Trail

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Cutthroat Lake Trail is a 3.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Mazama, Washington that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.8 miles
479 feet
Out & Back

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This pleasant trail offers an almost level walk to a grassy forested lake set in the rocky basin beneath Cutthroat Peak. This is an easy hike in an area of rugged, steep country and one of the few that are suitable for small children. It is an especially pretty hike in the fall when the larch are turning golden. The hike starts out by crossing a nice sturdy bridge built to take both hikers and horses across Cutthroat Creek. Once across, the trail then veers away from the creek as it heads toward the lake. A wide and mostly level trail takes you through the open forest. Notice the thin gray trunked subalpine firs and the sparse understory. Since it is east of the Cascade crest, it is drier than the wooded areas to the west. It is interesting to note the two species of pines growing here together. Both have bundles of five needles, which helps identify them. One is western white pine, it has long soft gray green needles, and usually found growing more to the west. The other is whitebark pine, it generally grows in dry soil at high elevations and has greener needles that are more waxy. On more exposed ridges, whitebark pine would be found exclusively, much smaller and in a more contorted shape. As you approach a more open area, views of Cutthroat Peak and Cutthroat Ridge can be seen ahead of you to the left. In 1.7 miles come to a junction with the Cutthroat Pass trail heading up to meet the Pacific Crest trail at Cutthroat Pass. Your path to the lake is to the left. Follow it down toward the lake, cross a log footbridge across a creek and meet the lake in 0.2 miles. There is no established trail around the lake, but it is possible to spread out along the grassy lakeshore. Eat a sandwich and admire the view of the ridge with the unusual golden rock, and in fall, golden larch to match. Enjoy the quiet here, just on the other side of the ridge lies Washington Pass and the busy North Cascades highway. Extending your hike: This is just the beginning of a varied and scenic hike to Cutthroat Pass. The pass is 3.8 miles further and 1900 feet higher, but worth the extra effort, the views from the ridge are stupendous! Bring four people, have two start north on the PCT at the Rainy Pass trailhead, and two start at the Cutthroat Lake trailhead. Meet on the top of the ridge at Cutthroat Pass, have lunch together, then pass the car keys. You can also combine this hike with a hike into Blue Lake just a few miles west of Washington Pass.

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Snow capped mountains and fall colors out in blazing tangerine, red and yellows! The alder trees in their yellow with the mountain contrast. I hike that anyone really can do and enjoy. Cutthroat Lake with neon green grass and the reflection of Falls Majesty! Wow! What a treat. :)

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