5.0 miles
104 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly


trail running




mountain biking
3 months ago

I Ride the Kirkland Corridor Almost Everyday on my Mountain Bike and It Never Gets Old. Weather it’s a Sunny Day or a Rainy one, the trail gives you great Kirkland Water Front Views surrounded by prime Kirkland Real Estate. Million dollar homes, I use Zillow app to check market values along this trail. Plenty of wooded area spots to adventure off too as well. My buddy and I always take breaks to smoke a toke off the trail. But be careful where you wonder off too, the other day a huge owl flew over so silently and snatch my buddy’s hat. They are very territorial creatures but I’m pretty sure that was a very rare incident. My favorite part of the trail though I would have to say is where the City has built a public park right through the Google Campus. I always make a stop to shoot some hoops there and get a drink out the water fountain. Excellent ride! I recommend it for everybody!!