Photos of Cook Hill Loop

Distance: 11.5 miles Elevation Gain: 4,261 feet Route Type: Loop

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6 months ago

Do not park on Jackson street. I think it’s all private property there, the locals don’t like it, and there’s no room anyways. Park right after Jackson street on Cook Underwood road (coming from 14). There is a large turnaround there with lots of room. I recorded the whole loop as 9 miles with 2900 ft elevation gain, not the 11 miles and 4300 ft the description currently says. I found the trail to be a pleasant surprise, especially since other reviewers depicted it as tick-infested and overgrown with poison oak. I did this hike on July 14 2019 and it was lovely. I saw no ticks and although the poison oak demographic well represented in certain districts, I could easily walk past it. Maybe one of the disappointed reviewers came later and poisoned most of the poison oak. I plucked some plants up myself with a cutting stick. There were a few viewpoints and they were all great. Yes, man-made towers and things corrupted the final viewpoint but still the view was spectacular with Mt Rainier, Mt Hood and Hood River. The only real danger I faced was spending too much time at the top viewing the heaven-inspired glory and eating too many wild strawberries. Also, the trail disappeared just short of the Cook Hill summit in the open field. I had to depend on the app to guide me. I did the whole loop, up the east way and down the west. The flowers were plentiful and wonderful. Come and get your blessing.