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Chehalis Western Trail is a 20.9 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Lacey, Washington that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 20.9 miles Elevation Gain: 442 feet Route Type: Point to Point

dog friendly

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking

nature trips

road biking


bird watching




partially paved

rails trails


Chambers Lake Trailhead:From Seattle, S on I-5 to exit 109. Right on Martin Way E to College Street. Left for 1 mile to 14th Ave. Right for 1 mile to trailhead on left after the trestle.

road biking
10 days ago

People need to pick up their dogs poop

14 days ago

road biking
15 days ago

Wonderful trail and scenery. Started in Olympia at Woodard Park. Unfortunately a little after mile 10 the trail was fenced off and closed. Seriously looking forward to going farther next time!

16 days ago

Chehalis Western Trail.

1 month ago

Very nice trail kid and stroller friendly

road biking
2 months ago

Great flat trail for walking, jogging, and bike ride. You have to cross a few roads to stay on the trail. There’s a section between the 11 and 10 mile mark that is closed, so we turned around and headed back towards the 12 mile mark.

9 months ago

I live about a 1/4 mile from a trail head about a 1/3 of the way down it. So I use this trail a lot for walking and running. The northern portion is fairly level the middle has the biggest elevation changes but they aren't bad at all. The trail surface is nice and smooth, which is good since I usually run early in the morning. Only complaint would be I wish there were at least porta-johns at the major trail heads along the way.


9 months ago

good trail for kids. saw some wildlife.

9 months ago

A great trail for hiking, walking, running, or biking. Despite the numerous signs asking you not to litter, there was not a single garbage can along the 5 miles we walked, nor at the parking lot at the start/end of the trail at Woodard Bay. About half of the biking people did not alert you as they were passing from behind, so be careful.

11 months ago

Thu May 09 2019

We actually rode down Eastside and rode up to the Chehalis Western trail then came out on 26th street to South Bay Rd and back towards town. We did an 8 mile loop in 1 hour. It has nice wooded trails and freeway and road overpasses. If you get off the Chehalis Western Trail then you have to ride on the shoulder. A nice lovely ride with no major elevations.

Sat Mar 30 2019

nice & smooth. everyone was polite passing!

Mon Jan 14 2019

Great paved walk. Flat and easy.

mountain biking
Mon Aug 06 2018

Bike and walking is wonderful

road biking
Wed Jul 18 2018

This was my first time on this trail. I've heard so much about and been wanting to try. I went 33 miles round trip. Lots of bikers, runners,walkers & pets. Everyone that I passed alway gave notice coming on your left. The trail was clean and beautiful. I will come back. Next time I'll go farther. New favorite spot. Worth the 40 min drive.

Sun May 13 2018

I live 1/4 mile from this trail and regularly use it for running at the northern end, typically for a 5-mile out and back. There is usually a mix of runners, walkers (especially with dogs) and cyclists. I haven’t had the issues with cyclists that others have mentioned, most will announce they are passing, but I keep strictly to the right edge, unless I’m passing walkers myself. A very nice, flat (very minor inclines that are so long and gradual you won’t notice them) and mostly shaded trail for running. You can do any portion of the trail to customize the distance for your activity. Trail has mile markers and the occasional port-a-potty and bench.

Mon Oct 02 2017

Probably be a lot better without all the bike people raging all over thinking they own the joint.

Mon Sep 04 2017

I can see this trail being beneficial for cyclers not necessarily that great for walkers. Too many inconsiderate bike riders on this trail. My dogs and I stayed all the way to the right almost in the brush and they still practically plowed over us. Considering I'm an avid rider myself, that's pretty discouraging. So yes if you want to ride it you're good to go but I would hesitate if I was a pedestrian. Up side, trails are paved the entire way.

Thu Aug 10 2017

Fantastic trail. Gets better down south. Make sure to stop for the blackberries, sounds of babbling brooks, picture ops. Great variety of landscape. Unfortunately some not so attractive too but nonetheless worth doing. Make sure to save some energy for a hike along Woodard Bay.

Sun Jul 30 2017

We just did 2 miles by South Bay. -lots of parking along the 20 miles, and a large parking lot at the start by Woodard Bay -stroller friendly (paved with running and horse trails that branch off and re connect) -no restrooms in the area that we went in

road biking
Sun Jun 25 2017

Biked north 5.5 miles to the northern parking lot and back. Shaded by trees the whole way. Very pleasant.

Thu Aug 18 2016

Nicest in the morning.

road biking
Fri Jul 15 2016

Wide paved trail that is used by horseback riders, bikers, joggers, and walkers. Trail passes a variety of areas from housing developments to farms, ponds to fields. Plenty of wildlife to catch a glimpse of. It's a great walk for kids and dogs. Benches are available every so often if you get tired. There are some racks in a few areas. One end of the trail stops at The Woodard Bay Sanctuary. It's a trail about a mile long that is closed part of the year and does not allow dogs. It is a very busy mating area for herons.

road biking
Sun Jul 03 2016

If you ride the entire trail end to end its 40+ miles of the finest, shaded, quiet trail you can find in Washington St. Road it today and it wasn't crowded at all. Ample places to stop and use the restroom. You could connect it to the Yelm / Tenino trails and squeeze out about a very safe 70 mile ride. Minimal elevation gain of 390'. This is definitely a new favorite.

Sat Mar 19 2016

I love this trail and our whole family has been using it frequently for several years now. We have taken our horses' on it, jogged, biked, walked with our dogs, scooters, etc. The biggest issue I have is there are no garbage cans anywhere along the trail. They want you to pick up your dog poo but then expect you to carry it the whole way......which leads to people leaving bags of dog poo along the trail. It wouldn't be that hard to provide cans, then use a little utility vehicle to empty them every so often. Otherwise, hey, if you didn't bring your dogs then enjoy!

road biking
Sun Oct 04 2015

Good cycling trail that connects to Woodland. It's very convenient for commuter cyclists. I used to take this trail from my job in Lacey, to rugby practice off of Yelm highway.

road biking
Sun Sep 06 2015

Beautiful trail, very easy did it in about 2 hours total. Well worth it.

mountain biking
Wed Nov 12 2014

When I lived in Yelm I rode this trail every weekend from Yelm to Rainier and sometimes from Yelm to Olympia and back. Its a nice smooth, level, paved trail. Sundays seem to be when most people are out with their kids and family members. I usually rode during the early afternoon to late afternoon and I met quite a few people but there's room for everyone. Biking, jogging, walking, rollerblading, you can safely do it all on this paved route and I promise you, you will enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy.

Thu May 29 2014

Nice trail. Right next to my house too

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