Blue Mountain Logging Road - South

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Acme, Washington

Blue Mountain Logging Road - South is a 5.3 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Acme, Washington that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 5.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,161 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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This is a logging road that is publicly accessible to hikers. Great views and very, very little traffic. The first track shared on this trail goes to a great view point for the Twin Sisters. Remember that if the gate is OPEN the trail is closed for hikers. It means they are actively using the road. This is a logging road so if you are looking for a trail that has you surrounded by old growth and seeing areas that have been logged off will ruin the experience then this is not the hike for you. But if you are looking for a good quiet hike that will give you a view of the Twin Sisters that you have never seen before then check it out. About 3 miles in is a cleared area that if there are no clouds should give you one hell of a view of the Sisters. Lots of side trails and other roads to check out, including one that ends up all the way at the top of blue mountain at about 2450 feet. If you hike this in the fall look down from the bridge and see if the salmon are spawning. Sometimes they are pretty thick in that creek.

5 days ago

Hiked this again on the last day of May in blissful solitude without a single other hiker seen. Counted 15 bird species, and also saw a pair of elk browsing the clearcut below me at about mile 2.0. As always, incredible views and peaceful quiet at the turnaround. I disagree with the notion of a past poster who said "you can see the same mountains from the road." Well, yes, but I am four miles closer, and absolutely, wonderfully alone with my vista. I also often take my grand-dog and bring her water with me, and she loves it. The thing I love most about this trail is that you are 30 mins from Bellingham but once you get a mile up the road you feel like you are in Alaska - it feels so much more quiet than even most parts of the North Cascades/Mount Baker because 99% of the time you have the valley to yourself. Last note: saw brand new, fresh bear scat on the trail at about mile 1.5; almost all grass, which is typical of this time of the year. This trail has a mirror companion road on the other side of the valley that you can get to by taking the forest road from the parking lot across the bridge and up the hill. Great birding but the views aren't as good, at least as far as I explored two weeks ago.

no shade
28 days ago

this hike is all about the destination, beautiful snow capped mountains can be seen near the end of the hike, unfortunately the lack of shade, mosquitoes , clear cut logging and very little clean water for my dog made this trip hard to enjoy. the same mountain range can be viewed just as easily during the drive to the trail, I would consider this a good social distance hike due to the wide path, and light traffic

Good views, walking on lots of gravel, lots of bugs.

no shade
1 month ago

Enjoyed this trail. Moderate - a bit steep, so probably easy for highly fit folks but will test those who are used to flat hikes. Like other said, no shade. Great view of the Sisters! Be sure to follow map closely. At the very start, it’s the road that inclines. Then, a few times you get to forks in the road but the map is easy to follow. Great little hike, especially for when the parks are closed!

no shade
1 month ago

Apt 12. Was worth it just to be hiking without throngs of other hikers. It’s never as enjoyable to hike on a logging road and you have to walk past a lot of logged areas but it’s pleasant enough and the views of Twin Sisters are excellent. No bear scat (yet?) as was mention in another post.

Glad i downloaded the map, lots of random roads to wander onto. Very pretty and simple hike, easy to access and very quiet.

no shade
9 months ago

Beautiful vistas of the Skookum Creek watershed and the surrounding foothills as well as of course The Sisters. I'm an avid hiker but not super in shape, so it was a bit of a grunt for me, which was perfect. Warning: on hot summer days, there is no shade, as you work along or through a clear-cut the whole time, so bring plenty of water. Saw no bears but there was a TON of bear scat on the road. Wish I had brought by bunoculars, as there were some birds along the trail as well. All in all, a wonderful, quiet way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The viewpoint/turnaround is a great place to sit and take in the vista, have a snack and enjoy your success.

Trail is an active logging road, just not always in use. Because of that there isn’t a ton of shade but some from time to time. It’s also a lot of hills, a good workout. Still, a nice hike with some great views.

no shade
11 months ago

Great hike. I’m not in the best shape but this was manageable and the view is stunning.

Mon May 27 2019

Easy hike with some spur-road options if you want to make your hike harder and longer (some roads don't show up on this map). Followed the red path up, but took the dashed cutoff on the way down, which shaved off lots of flat walking. Had some great views of the Twin Sisters, plus a bald eagle soaring above. Came across no one else during our visit. I guess the 8 or so other vehicles at the trailhead were all river waders and anglers. Wanted to explore more, but it was brutally hot (about 84 degrees) and these roads have very little shade. We'll probably return in the winter or early spring.

Tue Apr 16 2019

beautiful and quiet. amazing view of the mountains

Nice logging road trail with great views of the Twin Sisters. A few steep sections but not bad. Love this hike.

Wed Mar 06 2019

views of North Sisters.

Sun Jan 20 2019

Nice hike close to the house.

Sat Dec 08 2018

Gorgeous clear day to see beautiful scenery all the way up. great view of northern Cascades. Probably more an easy than moderate hike...mostly consistent pitch with some rest flats. Icy but no snow.

Sun Jun 17 2018

It was a nice hike with beautiful views. Really nice and easy for a quick day hike!

Sun Apr 29 2018

Perfect open-sky hike. Great for kids and dogs.

Sat Jul 22 2017

Trail is just a nicely maintained logging road. Good view.

Wed Apr 05 2017

Not that interesting just view of Twin Sisters mountains and cut down trees. Lots of better hikes out there. Not many people is one benefit.

Tue Apr 04 2017

Great views peaceful amazing place to just get away and hike!

Thu Jun 11 2015

Could easily hike here for a day if you had the time. Cross the barricade only if it's closed off. If it's open its an active logging road. Bring extra water especially in the summer, very little shade. Otherwise decent day hike. Good view of the twin sisters

Thu Sep 26 2013

Very quiet logging road. Saw what Im pretty sure were pheasants. At the end of the track 3 miles in are some great views.

25 days ago

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