Potatopatch Mountain Loop

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Potatopatch Mountain Loop is a 13.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Wintergreen, Virginia. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking and backpacking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

13.1 miles
3,690 feet

dogs on leash



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1 month ago

Be warned: If you zoom in closely, you will find several portions of this "loop" that look as if someone handed a crayon to a four-year-old. These are points where the author of this trail got lost, and guess what? That gets to be a part of your experience too! That's because this isn't actually a designated trail at all. Rather, it is a patchwork of various smaller trails that someone tried to string together with only marginal success. Even with phone in hand, when you come to a fork in the path, it can be very difficult to discern which way you are supposed to go next. So be wary!

In addition, several portions of the trail are either not well-maintained, or so sparsely trafficked that you can expect to be walking through almost knee-high brush.

Unfortunately, all of this takes away from what would otherwise be a very fun hike that takes you past multiple lookouts with views that do not disappoint, numerous rock formations, and even a handful of stream crossings.

So, if you want to enjoy this hike I would seriously recommend stopping at the visitors center and picking up a map of the local trail system and only using this as a loose template!

4 months ago

This was ok, but I expected more views. It was some good exercise though

8 months ago

We hiked clockwise and for the first 4 miles or so it was fine. Lots and rocks and definitely tough footing but doable. Then we had to cross wintergreen ski slopes...definitely would check what their season is if doing this hike in the winter. We had to hike across a snowy slope. It was cool, but luckily the season had not started yet. About a mile after wintergreen, the trail became extremely difficult to follow. Lots of different trails intersecting, downed trees and just a general lack of directions. We had GPS but it was tough to figure out where to go. We ended up turning around and hiking back the way we came, so I don’t know anything about the hike past about 5 miles in. If someone else has hiked this, please post your review...don’t think I’ll be hiking this one again due to lack of directions. I will say, the beginning of the hike was beautiful with the waterfall and dramatic rock features.

10 months ago

I started counter clockwise and was fairly easy at first, but after a few miles became more difficult. There was definitely a lot of steep inclines and declines. I wasn't expecting to see houses in the start and end of the trail, but the trail quickly became pretty remote. Probably the hardest one day hike I have done anywhere around this area. Some great views and nice waterfalls.

11 months ago

The trail is in pretty good condition, but some sections are treacherous. This trail isn't for you if you hike for scenic views, as there are only a couple and you're in the woods the entire time. "Hard" is an understatement for this trail's difficulty. Overall, it's a good, challenging trail.

25 days ago

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