Pohick Loop Trail

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Pohick Loop Trail is a 0.5 mile loop trail located near Fort Belvoir, Virginia and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

0.5 miles
29 feet

dog friendly

kid friendly


Interpretive, paved trail, view of wetlands Wheel chair accessible - this is a short, paved trail through the woods adjacent to wetlands. Several interpretive signs on the flora and fauna of the area are posted along the way. A GREAT trail for young children to explore!

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19 days ago

Pohick bay park has 3 main hiking trails, red (4m), white (1m), and blue (2.5m). You have to walk half a mile before the red or blue trails begin. We parked near the mini golf course and headed towards the markers for the red trail. The markers for the red trail disappeared within about half a mile of starting the trail and after turning back we decided got just follow the blue trail. Suddenly, out of nowhere, red markers start coming up again in an oddly residential clearing.
We were confused, but kept hiking. Things got worse- about 60% of the hike is essentially swamp and mud, another 10% was horse poop. Don't wear sneakers, wear water proof boots you don't care about. Be prepared to trudge. Be prepared to double back to find the trail markers several times.
This would have been fine if we'd been able to get to the promised river overview and back to our car in four miles, instead about 3 miles in the red markings just disappeared.
We spent about an hour looking for them to no avail, and on a beautiful June day there was not a single other person on this trail for the several hours we were there.
We finally came to the edge of the woods and found a residential area and a main road. We were about 6 miles from the park entrance and our car at this point, muddy, tired, with nothing to show for the day.
This could easily be an enjoyable trail but the park is clearly geared at water sports and the woods at campers and horseback riding, not hikers. Not looking for or being prepared for a 6+ mile hike which ended with us (luckily) getting out of the unmarked woods in a reasonable amount of time is just unsafe.
The best thing I can say about this place is that it is close enough to civilization that we were able to get an Uber back to our car.
As a casual, but avid day hiker, I wouldn't go back here or recommend it, but if you're dying to check it out bring a compass and some patience.

11 months ago

Overall, this is not a bad place to hike, especially if you have a newborn. Most of the Pohick Loop Trail is paved, which is great for pushing a stroller or jogger. Some of the other trails are not paved, specially the Accotink trail, but it's still really well maintained and hike-able with a stroller.
Although the list says the trail is only .5 miles, that's a little misleading. The Pohick Loop trails itself is only .34 miles long, but there are several adjacent trails that you can hike to and put in some decent mileage.
As a caution, do be careful hiking here because of its close proximity to FT Belvoir there are signs warning of potential unexploded ordinance off the trails. Also, one of the trails leads into the FT Belvoir training area (which is restricted).

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