Panther Falls is a 0.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Amherst, Virginia that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from June until October.

Distance: 0.3 miles Elevation Gain: 29 feet Route Type: Out & Back


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no dogs

Short hike to nice falls and swimming holes.

4 months ago

This was absolutely amazing. I’m only giving it 4 stars due to the crowded conditions. It’s a little hard to enjoy something so beautiful with so many screaming people. That being said, we totally went on a holiday weekend. *face palm*. Our kids loved it and even got one to jump off a smaller cliff. Our two golden retrievers have never been happier to just be able to run and swim in icy cold water. The trail itself was a bit muddy in some spots. But wicked easy to navigate.

5 months ago

I had no trouble finding the Falls thanks to a few people on here that left good advice. I have COPD and I am 67 years old yet I could navigate down the trail just fine although the climb back up was a little steep I could still do it ok. there were adults as well as children down there and everybody seemed to be having a blast and I enjoyed watching them as well. the next time I go I plan to join in on the swimming.

5 months ago

The map is wrong. From rt60 turn on Panther Falls Rd and head down a mile or so and then on the left, you’ll see a quite obvious trail parking area with a “Panther Falls” sign. From there it’s less than a 5min walk to the falls.

7 months ago

If you’re looking for fun on a hot day ... yes!!!

9 months ago

11 months ago

Leisure walk not a hike

Mon Nov 05 2018

The map is wrong for this one. From the blue ridge pkwy mile post 45 (give it take a mile or two) where it crosses over Rt60, Lexington Tpke. Panther falls rd begins there, and the trail head is about a mile on the left, there’s a sign. It’s a very short “hike” with almost zero elevation gain. There are two camp sites before the falls. Carrying stuff from the car is about 200yds

Sun Oct 28 2018

Yeah the map recording above is definitely not the trail. Spent an extra hour and a half cuz of it. And it’s further misleading because google maps indicated it’s here too but it’s definitely not. If you are driving from Burma Vista, the actual trail head is is right off the main Panther Falls forest road a few miles before where noted above and there is a clearly marked large Forest Ranger sign noting you are at Panther Falls trailhead. There is parking for about 5 cars. The route above though does lead through a cool place to camp and down to the creek.

Sat Oct 06 2018

Not sure who logged the trail but both the starting point and trail are completely off. You have to drive about a mile further to an actual starting point and then it’s just easy to follow down to the falls. It’s rather small so it can get crowded. The drive was more fun than the bike.

Fri Aug 31 2018

Not really a hike but awesome jumping off the water fall and rlly fun swimming, also kinda sucked there was so many ppl there but overall still a good time

Fri Jul 20 2018

Great view of the falls and even saw otters! Great time

Thu May 24 2018

Easy! RovingNomad!

Sat Mar 31 2018

Nice short hike. Great for kids.

Fri Mar 16 2018

Super quick and simple trail out to the boulders and falls. Middle of March, a little snow left so the drive was a little slushy on Panther Creek Rd but not inaccessible. Due to the time of year and time of day, we wanted to get out in time before sunset to avoid any issues with the drive. We put our two young girls on our backs and ran out for the better part to make it quick, which makes my review "super quick and simple" legitimate. There is a campground very quickly off the parking area you will pass. Summer time would be wonderful on the boulders but I'm sure packed full while off season brings outdoor enthusiasts more peace. GO!

Sun Mar 04 2018

Fun drive to the trail. Enjoyed the winding dirt/gravel road. The trail itself runs along a nice stream and goes to the falls. Very short walk though. Unfortunately too cold for swimming. Definitely need to come back when it warms up.

Mon Sep 11 2017

Just got done visiting this short trail to the falls and swimming hole. Unfortunately since it's currently September the water was too freezing to get in. Looks like we'll be coming back next summer to try it out. Still a beautiful sight!

Mon Sep 04 2017

Hiked here for the swimming hole. Very easy hike. Everyone was jumping from the rocks and enjoying the small "rapid" area. Water was extremely cold. Most of the pictures on here are of Crabtree falls.

Sun Jul 09 2017

During my recent July 3rd visit, I was one of the few people there not cooling off in the water below the small falls. However, it was worth the quick stop for me on my return from a few more desired trails. It is a short and easy hike in. The trailhead is on the left, about three miles down Panther Falls Road, a gravel Forest Service road just east of the Blue Ridge Parkway/US 60 intersection. I couldn't miss it with all the cars parked on the side of the road on a pre-holiday afternoon.

Sun Jul 02 2017

This entire listing is hosed. People are giving information and posting pictures for CRABTREE FALLS.

Thu Jun 08 2017

The main trail map they have posted is not correct. I drove to this location and it is wrong. There is an actual Panther Falls trailhead/parking area that is marked that you will see a few miles before. The cascades in the main picture you can see if you go a few miles further up the road - right along the road.

Sun May 28 2017

As another reviewer said, this pictures are not of Panther Falls. This place is very popular; there's always people there. Not much of a hike to get to the watering hole, but you can go further, there's just not really a designated path. Beautiful falls but depreciated by the amount of people. You can jump off the rock on either side of the fall into the water. Be careful if you do. If it hadn't rained recently, you can get under the falls. Spring or Fall is the best time to go if you want to go there with less people and take in the scenery.

Tue Apr 11 2017

Great views going up. a bit tough at times, but great for beginners.

Tue Jan 24 2017

Walked down to the falls the other day. It looks like the vast majority of the pictures here are of Crabtree falls, which is just right up the road. The trail for panther falls is right off of a gravel road marked "Panther Falls Road." Awesome place to go if you're looking for a summer cool off... not so much if you're looking for a good, hard hike.

Wed Nov 23 2016

super easy! quick walk to a swimming hole.

Wed Nov 09 2016

does anyone know how to get to this exact tail??? the one we found was super short and a swim hole little waterfall. wanting to go on the 3 mile tail with steps mountain views and a much big falls. we were on panther falls rd. thanks

Sun Apr 24 2016

This is a fantastic trail! It has so many wonderful views! The mile maker says it's 1.7 miles up, so a total of 3.4 once you make it back down. The trail has a good amount of stairs at the beginning. Once you get through those, the rest goes fast and doesn't seem too steep. It's so worth it to get to the top! This trail is totally doable even if you aren't athletic or in super good shape.

Tue Apr 05 2016

Beautiful views! Kids loved it too.

Sat Apr 02 2016

Beautiful views! The trail was very wet due to recent rain so it was a little unsafe at times but very fun!

Mon Mar 14 2016

well worth the hike just for the beauty and peace that comes from this hike. I'm a big guy and this hike was still doable. It's a good leg workout do to the stairs and incline on the switchbacks.

Mon Mar 07 2016

Great trail for introducing kids to the joys and beautiful views of hiking.

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