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Old Rag Mountain via Weakley Hollow Fire Road [CLOSED]

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Shenandoah National Park

Old Rag Mountain via Weakley Hollow Fire Road is a 9.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Sperryville, Virginia that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, camping, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 9.8 miles Elevation Gain: 2,421 feet Route Type: Out & Back



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Many trailheads in this park are closed due to COVID-19. Please check the park website for up to date info on which trails are accessible. The typical route to the Old Rag Summit is via the Summit Ridge Trail. Most hikers climb the ridge, and then return to their cars via the Weakley Hollow fire road. The fire road ends after about 2 miles, and connects with the Saddle trail which consists of a series of switchbacks to the summit. The scenery along the fire road is very wooded, but as you approach the Saddle trail, you will have some nice vistas.

1 month ago

We started around 11:00am, hiked up old rag trail, hit up the rock scramble (SO MUCH FUN), enjoyed the view from the many different angles before finally heading back down using Saddle Trail. Honestly, the way back down was way worse on my knees and ankles than the way up, but Saddle Trail is very easy to navigate so it’s good in the late afternoon. Total hike time around 5 and half hours. Back down to the car by around 5:15pm.

3 months ago

Was great even on a warm December day

Took the fire road and saddle trail because I was traveling alone and leery of the scramble along the ridge. Beautiful views from the top and fun to climb around the rocks up there. Took up about 4 hours up and down and about 30 mins at the top to enjoy. Pretty easy stroll with gradual elevation gain until about the last .5 mile. Would definitely reccomend hard soled shoes/boots! Plenty of parking remained at 2pm when I arrived back to the trailhead.

Great trail when the one I wanted to hike was on private property! A lot of people, all friendly. Great hike. It’s hot and humid! Beautiful views at the summit! Happy Trailing!

6 months ago

Finally--- I hiked up to Old Rag Mountain Summit!! Unfortunately, the weather was overcast and some light rain. Arrived at 530 am and there was plenty of parking. Some areas the rocks were slippery, but with some help it was doable to get up and over the rocks. Leather gloves were a great help and good pair of hiking boot too. Lesson learn is lower the weight of backpack. Next time, packing water and trail mix! It was awesome that other hikers were very helpful to offer a helping hand!! Definitely, I plan to hike it againin Autumn.

11 months ago

awesome hike rock scramble is technical to climb through. and alot of fun

Sun Mar 24 2019

Beautiful scenery. It definitely is a moderate hike, mostly because of the rocky paths. I went up as I recovered from a bad ankle sprain and it got to be challenging but absolutely doable. We made it to about .3 miles from the top and it was because of my foot I couldn’t climb up the rocks, that last area could be considered almost bouldering. The scenery is magnificent. We ran into a couple ice patches, but nothing to be worries about. I think hiking poles are almost necessary because the incline can be rough. At a slow pace because of my conditions, we got to do the hike back and forth (6.68miles total) in about 4.5 hours. Conditions at 45 degrees were amazing! Just pretty windy on the top as expected :)

Sun Nov 18 2018

Took us about 6 hours to complete this trip, including a 30min lunch break. During our trip, ice & snow were abundant which made navigating the trail challenging & quite dangerous. The views at the top are amazing & luckily we didn’t run into any bears!

Fri Aug 03 2018

Gorgeous and crazy fun. It just takes a long time.

Thu Apr 05 2018

Even though this isn't the full blown scramble route, it was quite a test. From the parking lot to the top and back its a total of 10.6 miles. It took us 5.5 hours including lunch and a lot of breaks here and there. We averaged about 27-28 minute miles, but were not trying to go quickly.The first few miles along the fire road are really nice as you are walking alongside a stream running over boulders. The fire road is a pleasant stroll. Once you turn up to the saddle trail things get a lot tougher. It turns into a packed mud road. There are a number of log steps which can be hard on the knees. The grade is probably the steepest here. The next mile or so is probably the toughest part of this route. Once you get beyond that and into the rocks it actually gets a little easier. The scrambling is really just watching where you put your feet. We saw someone fall and twist their ankle. I almost took a fall myself. You don't need to actually pull yourself up or anything like that, just be careful and watch where you are going. The view from the top is spectacular. Good cell phone coverage which is surprising. We texted some photos and made a call from the top. We took a lunch and enjoyed it on the open flat area at the top. Note that you come to a false peak about 500 feet bellow the actual peak and some people seemed confused by that.

Sun Oct 01 2017

A much easier way to the top of Old Rag, this is a gradual climb up a fire road from the junction at the old Old Rag parking area. Not as fun but still gets you there to some absolutely spectacular views. There are switchbacks to get you to the top as the elevation change is the same, just over a much longer and flatter ascent.

Wed Feb 22 2017


Fri Feb 10 2017

Great for hiking. Running, well, a quad and hip burning workout

Thu Dec 15 2016

A pretty awesome route !! Not easy and fairly daunting to have the summit on the horizon the entire time . Didn't see much wildlife but I'm sure it's out there . The summit is like another world and I really dug being able to get out of the cold at birds nest #1 . Views for days at the top and well worth the effort !

Sun Nov 20 2016

This is a much better choice to get to the summit then the more direct route of the Summit Ridge route. Good warm up and then the last 2.5-3 miles of climbing to get a great view from the top. The Summit Ridge starts with climbing at the trail head and then you get stuck in traffic at the rock scramble.

Tue Nov 08 2016

Great hike, includes some fun scramble areas. Best during the week to avoid any crowds.

Wed Aug 31 2016

Fun trail

Wed Dec 04 2013

Great for those unable to scramble the obstacles of old rag. The first time I complete d old rag was up the "back way". To be honest most people doing the normal old rag trail should be on this trail but oh well. In the end, anyone here would tell you the normal old rag trail kicks butt over this but if you're a weak hiker or can't do the rock scrambles then this is an alternate way to the beautiful summit.

Sun Jan 06 2013

Took fire road trail Jan 5 packed snow enjoyed the hike it gave a new perspective on what normally is boring trail. Just wish we had snow disks so when we got to the crest we could slide down. Will defiantly be on our back next snow day.

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1 month ago

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