4.6 miles
1,509 feet
Out & Back



nature trips




30 days ago

Enjoyed this hike a few days ago with the family. We initially started on Spring Mt Trail which was an easy 2.1m trail starting at Shrine Mt. But we decided on the challenge with our 2 kids (9 and 5) with my backpack full of snacks and fluids which would be deemed necessary. It was not as rocky as the Orkney Springs Trail but still hard. The neat views include a giant rock formation about halfway and then once you reach the top there is a formation of rocks about the size of an SUV. You’re going to have to carefully go behind it to another set to see the view below. Lots of leaves on trees so I imagine this view is better in the fall etc. Near is another rock formation maybe with a better view but appeared more dangerous. The kids were spent. The trail actually continued but it was time to head back as this entire trek took us over 4 hours. In hindsight I’d just do the initial hike to the giant rock formation which was as big as a building and go to the Orkney Springs Trail or another trail for the view..
To new adventures!!