Photos of Monument Hill Loop

Distance: 1.8 miles Elevation Gain: 196 feet Route Type: Loop


nature trips


1 month ago

Good trail once you find it; if you don’t know the area it’s confusing! So, I hope this will help: -On Smokey Hollow Road, there’s an equine center with a prominent sign on the right. I parked by the sign and had no problem, but that doesn’t mean it was allowed! -Across the street to your left, there’s an opening in the fence with a small sign saying “entrance.” This is where Apple Maps took me when I clicked through from AllTrails. -Across the field there are a few openings in the fence, and one of them is fairly clearly the path (The others were brushy). -From there, the first part is well blazed with plastic circular discs with arrows. You’ll cross Smokey Hollow Road, then the blazes stop and you go through some field-type areas and over a small stream. This part isn’t very clear, and there’s another path at one point that’s not right. I had to use AllTrails to make sure I was on trail. -Eventually you’ll come to a dirt road and some buildings including Sweet Briar’s Green Barn. Turn right on the road, which is Stable Road on maps, and it will take you right back to the Equine Center entrance, past lots of pretty horsies. -To Park at the green barn as another review suggested, go through the equine center gate and take an immediate left. This dirt road is the trail. You can follow it to the barn and, I guess, park there. It’s a manageable hike that got my blood moving but didn’t feel unpleasantly difficult. Varied terrain. I would like to go back in different seasons.