Lotus Pond

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Lotus Pond is a 6.6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Virginia Beach, Virginia that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

6.6 miles 6 feet Loop

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Loop paddle along the creeks and canals at the north end of Back Bay Putting in at Lotus Pond Park you will have to carefully navigate the thick lotus field in all but the middle of winter. It thins out a hundred yards south of the park and the rest of the paddle is among natural run-off wetlands and man made canals, save for a short bit that's Back Bay proper. Plenty of waterfowl and aquatic mammals are always around as this is part of the National Wildlife Preserve, Back Bay watershed. The only challange with this loop is the take out, which is a small, muddy area on the north side of Sandbridge Rd - you will get your feet muddy here. Then you will have to portage across Sandbridge Road which is very busy in the summer months.

sea kayaking
10 months ago

Beautiful and calm place to Kayak. With all of the fish jumping, it would have been a great place to throw a line in too.

sea kayaking
11 months ago

great place to put a kayak in

2 years ago

Putting in at Lotus Garden Park will start you out in the middle of a thick grove of lotus in all but the coldest winter months. Take care not to damage the lotus pad and blossoms (April) which are very thick at first but will thin out about 100 yards south of the put in. From there you'll meander through a section of the National Wildlife Refuge - Back Bay area for a few miles. Some of the side feeders are fun to detour along the way and the area is packed with water fowl and other wetlands creatures. A short section of Back Bay is next which can be a bit of a tough paddle in high (>10mph) winds so check your weather. Then back up eastern side canal which passes a large RV park before paddling under Sandbridge Road. The northern tip of this loop is at Hells Point Golf Club, so when you see greens, look for the connector on your right. The last section is a bit narrower with overhanging trees. The take-out is at Sandbridge Road again is very muddy without much room for more than a boat or two. You'll have to portage across busy Sandbridge Road to get back to Lotus Garden Park. I give this 5 stars because it it one of the rare loop paddles you will find in the area.