Fortune's Cove via White Trail

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Lovingston, Virginia

Fortune's Cove Via White Trail is a 3.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Lovingston, Virginia that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and running.

Distance: 3.5 miles Elevation Gain: 836 feet Route Type: Loop





no dogs

This hike is fairly strenuous (1400 ft climb) and offers solitude and a beautiful view of the cove and surrounding mountains on top of the ridge. There is a shorter "lower loop" (white trail) that is about 3.8 miles and longer "upper loop" (yellow trail).

6 days ago

Nice little trail. Short steep climb with an ok view. I think the hike through the woods was more satisfying. Not to say the view was not, but sometimes you just like a hike through nature and some exercise. Few stream crossings and bridges to spice things up.

23 days ago

This is an absolutely beautiful hike! Yes, while there is not a huge vista waiting for you at the top it is still an amazing wooded walk that is surprisingly well maintained and extremely quiet. It is well marked and i enjoy that you can get a feel for the trail itself before you have to decide between the lower loop and the upper loop no matter which way you chose to go. Would 100% recommend.

Love Fortune’s Cove. There aren’t great vista views, but it’s a fun hike. I’ve done both now and I’m glad I came back. We saw some deer, quickly, and pretty much had the whole trail to ourselves. It was great.

private property
1 month ago

6 months ago

The first part of this trail is very steep but eventually levels off. You will still have some hills but nothing the average person can’t handle. Once you reach the look of spot on this trail it will be all down hill from there make a loop back to your car. It is a solid hard short hike for the average person.

7 months ago

The white trail measured at 5 miles and 65 stories of elevation gain on my Garmin watch. The hike is very steep for the first mile, but the view is worth it when you get where the white and yellow trail split. There is a cool section that runs through mountain laurel and several rock scrambles. All in all it's a good hike, but definitely longer than advertised

over grown
9 months ago

I wasn’t expecting to see anyone on the trail based on previous reviews and I didn’t. The solitude was wonderful. I consider myself relatively in shape and the first part of the hike is challenging due to the steep elevation gain. Just take a break and a sip of water whenever you feel the need and the hike is enjoyable. There is some overgrowth once you get back to the forest floor and I later found several of the smallest ticks I’d ever seen in my life around my ankles so be sure to wear pants tucked into socks.

Thu Mar 28 2019

Perfect trail for solitude, but also fun with a buddy. Perfectly marked, trees well maintained, the creek crossings were amazing! Whomever maintains this trail does an excellent job. You do have to be careful in a few spots where leaves have built up and you’re not sure how deep it sinks, and a few scrambles are necessary, but it’s all in the fun of hiking. Not recommended for a novice or out of shape person bc the first part of climb is very steep. But otherwise beautiful, fun, 2 hour (3.8 mile loop), mod paced hike!

Tue Jan 08 2019

NO DOGS ALLOWED. Highly disappointed to find this upon arrival with our furry friends. did not hike the trail. hopefully will come back

Tue Dec 25 2018

A nice quiet trail worth taking to get away by yourself and hear the trickling of the creeks. I went in mid-winter of 2018 and as of late December, there are a number of downed trees and washouts along the white trail. Most are situated along moderately steep rock and moss faces, making traversal precarious when wet (which is the case more often than not with water moving down the rock slopes of the mountain.) Took a spill into some thorns myself while trying to get around one rather than crawl under it. It’s a real steep grade the first mile with quite a bit of elevation gain, but very doable if you’re in some form of shape. I would strongly advise against bringing any weakened elderly persons, young children, or injured adults until the trail gets cleared. Still wouldn’t really recommend the trail to children then, but you might make do.

Tue Jan 30 2018

very doable for many fitness levels. great views in any season. full tree canopy cover in the heat of summer..

Tue Oct 31 2017

Lower loop. Nice hike. Completed in two hours at moderate pace. Went counter clockwise. First half was moderate to hard due to steep incline. Second half was easy to moderate. Not much to see, but a nice hike in the woods. Maybe more to see on upper loop.

Mon Sep 04 2017

Extremely challenging hike for me, but a beautiful September breeze made the effort worth it!

Sat Jul 22 2017

Great trail, although my GPS measured the White Trail at 5.2 miles.

Sun Dec 04 2016

Hike was a great workout, but other than that there really wasn't that much going for it. We did the 5.1 Yellow Trail and there are a few decent views as you go through the quick elevation gains but the summit was a huge disappointment - a couple cell towers - unless we missed some hidden path at the top for the real view; but it left us pretty deflated on the steep walk down. We had checked off the boxes for the majority of hikes in Shenandoah that weren't too far a drive from Richmond, so we decided to look south of 64 again and found this one - wouldn't go back.

Mon Feb 29 2016

Started the trail with a rather steep hill for about 3/4 of a mile..then ran into a few switch backs. Chose to go with the lower loop. It was beautiful and relatively easy (which was perfect given my timeframe this afternoon). I would love to go back in the spring and do the upper loop. It'd also be cool to check out the winery next to the trailhead:) I absolutely recommend this hike.

Thu Feb 18 2016

Loved this hike! We hiked the white trail which is the shorter one. One great view overlook,but with it being February we were able to see through the trees the whole time. I carried my 10 month old on my back with little trouble. First section was very steep, but even with the snow on the ground we were able to make it without much trouble. The hike was gorgeous! I can't wait to try the longer trail! Just an update, today we hiked the yellow trail which is 5.1 miles. Much harder than the White trail, but a really great hike. It's winter, so we were able to see views most of the time. At the top of the yellow trail you are on the ridge and able to see views from both sides. Definitely a lot of up hill, but plenty of portions of the trail that are easy to give a hiker a break.

Sun Mar 09 2014

Pretty much all uphill. Very beautiful of mountains at the top of the ridge. I will definitely revisit this trail in the future

29 days ago

1 month ago

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