Deer Island and Shuttle Trail Loop to Otter Point Overlook

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Northwest River Park

Deer Island and Shuttle Trail Loop to Otter Point Overlook is a 2.6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Chesapeake, Virginia that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until November. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.6 miles Elevation Gain: 6 feet Route Type: Loop

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Beautiful View of Northwest River from Picnic Area where otters are sometimes observed. Northwest River Park has it all! There are over 7 miles of hiking trails including 2 miles of biking trails and many miles of horse trail. There are paddle boats and canoes to rent for boating along the inland lake and scenic Northwest river. There is also camping, fishing and picnicking. This hike will take you along the parks Shuttle Trail and Deer Island Trail which are multi-use hike and bike trails. All park trails connect to the Shuttle Trail which leads to the Southern Terminal where there are restrooms, a dock and picnic tables. Be sure to get a trail system map at the camp store near the park entrance. The Otter Point Trail is one of the shortest trails (1 mile) branching off from the Shuttle Trail and will lead you on a nice hike through a mixed pine/hardwood forest.

15 days ago

Northwest River Park is one of my favorite hiking spots in Hampton Roads! This trail is a fun loop, not strenuous, with some beautiful views of the water along the way.

2 months ago

Great trail for strollers and little ones learning to walk.

3 months ago

Muddiest trip to the park we’ve had but definitely the most fun too :)

We were so confused about how to access the trails at first - the map provided wasn’t super clear. Finally we pulled up the map in AllTrails to figure it out. This specific loop brings you down two connecting gravel roads. While it’s a nice walk through the woods, to get to more scenic spots you’ll want to branch off onto connecting trails, like the Otter Point Trail and Indian Creek Trail. Our son was anxious to get to the playground in parking lot 4 (which also hosts the Molly Mitchell Trailhead) so we didn’t get in too deep - stuck to Deer Island and Shuttle Trail gravel roads. Very relaxing, flat walk through the woods. We saw a few groups in passing since it was Saturday. Lots of dog walkers and folks fishing at the main entrance. We had to move over to allow a couple of park ranger trucks that were patrolling the gravel roads. I wouldn’t consider this a secluded, at one with nature kinda hike. Multiple benches and power boxes line the loop and you can take a break to picnic, as there are tables scattered here and there. We did see a beautiful, pileated woodpecker and crossing the bridges was fun for our 4-year-old son. Playtime at the playground was a special treat for him after hiking over 2 miles.

7 months ago

definitely a nice easy trail. good relaxing walk.

Tue Feb 05 2019

Good trail. Not a lot of people, but I would imagine on a Saturday there would be. Beautiful Lake the sun sets on. Horse trails too.

Sun May 06 2018

I walked in today and did Otter Point Trail and then Molly Mitchell. I had Otter Creek all to myself and didn't even see another Person. I definitely wouldn't do any hiking in this park after a rain as a lot of it is low lying. It was easy and well maintained. Lots of places to stop and take in nature of to grab a rest.

Tue Feb 20 2018

Trails are great. To bad we went after a week of rain so most of them were washed out. Would definitely go back and try again on a more dry week. Lots for the family to see. My little girl loved it and had a blast.

Sat Jul 01 2017

Nice time with fam. Lots of bugs for kids to see. Of course, squirrels! The walk is calm and the office had a good map.

Mon Jun 12 2017

Don't come without bug spray. It's nice and green, which is good, but so much time was spent staring at the ground to avoid tripping on roots or finding a spot to walk around mud. That said - this hike would've been much more pleasurable with the bug spray, at a lower temperature (93 and humid today), and with boots better for mud. I was wearing Merrel hiking shoes.

Sat Dec 03 2016

very nice

Tue Jul 19 2016

I tried one of the hiking trails and it wasn't much a challenge so I stayed on the gravel road.

Thu Apr 28 2016

Happy to have discovered the park and all the trails and activities in it. This trail was very easy and essentially flat: perfect for a beginner. It combines an up and back gravel path with a wooded trail that makes the loop. Nice variety, pretty scenery and lots of benches/picnic tables if you want to pause.

Wed Sep 30 2015

fyi map shows wrong area.

cross country skiing
Tue Jul 07 2015

It was great, it was my first time so I went off the trail for about 30 minutes but then found my way. Lol

Tue Jan 21 2014

A nice hike that anyone can take. Loved seeing the Northwest River at the end of the trail!

Sun Jan 05 2014

This is a nice, easy, short trail. I never knew these trails existed visiting the park many times. This trail was easy, very well marked, and dry (compared to Molly Miller). I very nice one mile hike to enjoy the great outdoors while exercising.

Wed Nov 13 2013

This was a fun place to hike. There are several trails to choose from so you can stay on a nice smooth road, or hike through the habitat. Last weekend was our first time hiking here and we are going back next week to check out the other trails, picnic, and rent one of the canoes.

Sat Jul 13 2013

Nice trail but not challenging. It is completely flat.

Wed Jul 10 2013

The trail is one of those wide, flat, too easy trails, but there is a much more challenging trail running between the trail and the river. It does not have a name or show up on the trail maps so I guess it is just considered part of the Shuttle Trail. When you get down to the southern end there is everything from a soda machine to the beautiful Northwest River.

Tue Jul 09 2013

It is a wide level trail all the way to the beautiful Northwest River. We paralleled it most of the way down on a little foot path trail along the park lake.

Mon Jan 07 2013

Nice easy little stroll on almost completely flat trail. Wasn't a great deal of activity as far as birds or wildlife but a few loud dogs on leashes that had just come off the trail as we were starting may have had something to do with that. Well marked and maintained.

mountain biking
Sat Aug 20 2011

The park was very clean and the hiking trails/camp grounds looked very nice. The biking trail was a gravel road that ran out to the river and back. It would be great for a family day with kids. I was disappointed that we were only able to bike one the gravel trail since all of the other trails had signs banning bikes. I won't be going back to bike however I would go back to hike and camp. Enjoy!

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