Berry Hollow to Old Rag Mountain Trail is a 5.1 mile out and back trail located near Syria, Virginia that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

5.1 miles
1,751 feet
Out & Back



nature trips



2 days ago

If you only want to spend a few hours (4 hours or so) hiking Old Rag this is the quickest way to the top. You can Google Maps "Barry Hollow parking" and it will take you exactly to the parking area. It's true the lot only has space for about 10-12 cars but I think this method of getting to old Rag is unknown enough that you should be able to find parking. I say this because you will be entering using the fire road in the back and that involves driving to the west side of the mountain. A bit obscure. I went there on Veterans Day at 11:30am and had no trouble parking in the tiny lot and got back to my car at 4:30pm
You don't get to do any of the obstacle courses that makes this one of the best hikes in the country, but instead think of it as a way to get an inexperienced hiker to the top for that wonderful panorama. There are no jumps, hurdles, no need to help anyone getting pulled up, nothing. It's just a moderate uphill walk even a 10 year old could do.

1 month ago

Finished my hike of the Old Rag Loop. Easy hike compared to my first day. Trees and water were beautiful.

2 months ago

This hike moderate and perfect for those that have kids and want to do Old Rags Head without worrying about the scramble on the main trail. My six year old had no issues or complaints...not sure I would take kids younger than that but, probably depends on the kid.

The service road leading to the parking lot is single lane with no pull offs. It made for a bit of stress for the few mins it took to drive to the trailhead. Parking is highly limited...maybe up to 12 cars total so go early or later.

Hike starts on a service road for almost a mile where it intersects with the traditional Old Rags Head trail. Incline is gradual, but consistent to the top with 1 or 2 scenic views along the way. Well maintained and well traveled, which was nice. View from the top was fantastic as was the light breeze. Hike says it’s a little over 5 miles but we clocked in a bit over 6. Bring mosquito spray and lots of water. Even though it’s covered the whole way up it still gets hot.