Photos of Ashby Hollow via Appalachian Trail

Distance: 5.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,755 feet Route Type: Out & Back




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3 days ago

I solo hiked southbound from the parking lot to the Rod Hollow shelter and then back, nearly 8 miles, on a chilly mid-week day, going further than this particular saved hike. I was the only one using the parking lot when I arrived, so I had no issues finding parking, which can sometimes be a challenge there, especially on weekends. This was my first time hiking on this particular part of the AT. I only saw one other hiker, a section hiker heading north to Harper's Ferry. The trail was more challenging than I expected, but I guess I should've anticipated it given that it's part of the roller coaster. There are no panoramic views on this stretch (if there had been I would've rated the hike higher), but, if you're looking for a good solitary work out, there are 4 steep elevation changes, with lots of switchbacks, and a few smaller rock scrambles, on the out and back. The Rod Hollow shelter, complete with a privy, is well maintained and a good halfway point for a break and a snack. I also saw deer in two different spots. I'd rate the trail as a moderate plus in the late fall, but I could imagine that it'd be hard in the heat and humidity of the summer. Recommended for those who aren't in a rush, have approx. 5 hours of daylight, and are looking for an above average challenge. Hiking poles aren't absolutely necessary, but I'd recommend them given some rocks and the elevation changes. Enjoy.