6.9 miles
1282 feet

dogs on leash



nature trips

trail running




1 month ago

This trail includes a beautiful forest and incredible views from the balds. You will start out at the A.T. trailhead in Elk Garden. You'll want to take the trail that leads to Whitetop and not cross the road. The Elk Garden trail is a different trail than this one. There are a lot of roots and rocks throughout the trail but it's also well maintained. For an elevation gain over 1,000 ft it's an easy trail. No really steep hills or anything. You'll stay in the forest for a while then you will come out at a gravel road that leads up the summit of Whitetop. Follow the A.T. signs and cross the road and you will hike in a field with beautiful views around you. There seemed to be a few water sources through this area. You'll go back through another forested area then come out at the balds before Buzzard rock. The views from this area are incredible! You'll want to hang out for a while at the rocks. When heading back you can go back the way you came on the A.T. or bear off to the left on the balds and go to the summit of Whitetop, then follow a gravel road back down till you come back to the turnoff on the A.T. Take sunblock! You're really out in the open on the balds.