The Pogue and Mount Tom Trail

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The Pogue and Mount Tom Trail is a 4.2 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Woodstock, Vermont that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 643 feet Route Type: Loop

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21 days ago

Great trails for families and dogs. Trails were all well marked and clear. Foliage was at peak and the views were lovely. Very peaceful.

2 months ago

Took a detour off the suggested path (Mount Tom Road) towards the Billings Trail which took us to the North Peak (still had directions since this is also the end of the Faulkner Trail loop). This then connected us to the Precipice Trail on the way down. The latter half of the hike was definitely more rugged and challenging than the first half, which was more of a gravel road. Seemingly less traveled, the woods were very peaceful, although we didn’t pass any real lookout.

3 months ago

well marked trails saw a bear on our way up! the precipice trail was beautiful!

3 months ago

Many gorgeous trails, well maintained and very well marked. We did the Pogue loop, around 8 miles total after we continued on up through the grassy fields, which you can see a path. Great view of Woodstock at the star. Very peaceful , looking forward to going again in the fall to see the colors.

3 months ago

mountain road > upper > precipice > pogue > mountain road back really lovely moderate trail

4 months ago

3.5total. Didn't start recording at begining

4 months ago

My wife and I did this trail yesterday (June 14, 2019) and found it a little more than “moderate” and “kid friendly”. Just want people to know that the Precipice Trail section is very different than the carriage road section. It has guide fences in the tough spots while it is crossing the bare cliff in some places but there is no real danger, just some “excitement” and “challenge”. Now here are factors to weigh: we are both fit and active but 72 years old, it was damp having rained the morning, and we went Down the Precipice trail rather than up. So this may not be typical of your experience. But with our hiking poles we made it without incident. And I want to give high praise to the app itself. It located us on the trail accurately for the whole time (we paused for lunch the Pogue). A similar app just discovered by me called Anchor Pointer did ok for the starting point, but could not mark The Pogue correctly.

5 months ago

This was a nice easy to moderate hike with some great views and other sites along the way. Definitely go up the Precipice Trail to the top of Mount Tom. It could be somewhat tricky to descend if you are with kids or don’t have hiking or trail shoes on. The moss is amazing! The views on Mount Tom are nice so sit and enjoy it if you can. Some mud on the Precipice section but the rest of the trail was perfect. Pogue was pretty to walk around and keep your eyes out for the logs with carved sayings placed throughout the trail. The second half of the trail was nice and wide with a continuous descent. If you go into the visitor center there is a desk with someone that has good info on the trails and maps. Plus nice bathrooms! Overall an enjoyable hike.

7 months ago

Did a hiking loop here with micro spikes on April 5. Still packed snow with some icy parts, so be sure your footwear is appropriate. Beautiful views of Woodstock from Mount Tom, although in icy conditions, taking the switchbacks up or down the Precipice Trail is unadvisable.

Wed Oct 24 2018

Nice walk in the fall

Sat Oct 20 2018

Really nice!!

Sat Oct 06 2018

more easy than moderate trail. All dirt roads that are smooth. Beginning of trail near Billings Farm is a bit steeper but a nice hike without a lot of people and plenty of side loops to make your hike longer

Sun Sep 02 2018

Nice hike with our dog on 9/1/18. Probably best to take the precipice trail up (it mug stepper and more rugged) and the mountain trail road down. Great views from the top. This trail is less traveled than the Faulkner trail, making it more enjoyable. Plus, Pogue pond was really an added treat.

Thu Jul 26 2018

Great loop, did not see another soul on a cloudy but peaceful day. The overlooks off the beaten path are worth a detour off the carriage trails. The pond and spring pastures are beautiful. Great 4-5 mile hike.

Sun Jul 01 2018

super beautiful. if you take the left side first it's a bit tricky with navigation of the trails, but completely worth it. the pond is incredible, a wonderful 4+ mile trail run. be sure to check out the raptor refuge nature center VIN, on your way in, or after your hike, it's filled with Hawks Owls and Eagles.

Fri Jun 08 2018

Very nice wide , well maintained trail , not too busy ! Great pond for clean dog swimming . Dogs are “ supposed “ to be on a leash but we only leashed ours when people came. We walked a big loop and it took about 2 h

Sun Jun 03 2018

Excellent trails, pretty busy but wide paths. Great place to take dogs walking!

Sat Jun 02 2018

Nice easy trail..

Fri Apr 27 2018

Great low key hike. Kid friendly!

Mon Oct 16 2017

The reward for walking to the top of the hill is the pond where you can stroll completely around the water and enjoy the mirrored reflections. Return the way you entered.

Sun Sep 10 2017

Wed Aug 30 2017

From Prosper Rd past the Pogue to Marsh Billings estate. 2 hours. Easy gravel path to a moderate trail. Very nice and ends on the estate which is beautiful. I recommend picking up the Marsh Billings trail map at the Prosper Rd parking area or on the estate, as there are a network of trails in this park so you don't need to stick to the prescribed trail map. If you take the Precipice Trail it is narrow, steep and rocky at points. Maybe 1/2 mile of this.

Thu Aug 10 2017

Great dirt road and trail combination hiking! Beautiful scenery. Pinnacle trail down to base rocky, narrow and great challenge as we train with packs for LT.

Wed Aug 09 2017

Such a beautiful hike! You park across from the Billings Farm and museum. Then walk towards Rte. 12, cross in the cross walk and that will bring you to the "trailhead". The trail is a small dirt road so it's super kid friendly. There are some beautiful views of fields on the way up, little benches for resting and it's very clearly marked whether you are going to the South Peak (the view down into Woodstock), the pogue or any other off-shoot of a trail. Just a heads up that dogs (and humans) are not permitted to swim in the water.

Sat Jul 22 2017

A great trail with lots of options for duration and difficulty level. It gets a little steep near the peak, but there are handrails. You'll see quite a bit of traffic on a Saturday or Sunday but everyone is friendly and the trails are wide. My dog loved it (there were lots of dogs on the trail), but she really loved the ice cream at the White Cottage Snack Bar down the road.

Wed Jul 19 2017

Started at the Faulkner Trail and then linked Mount Tom Road to the Pogue. Amazingly beautiful! We took the Mountain Road back to the Visitors Center and clocked just under six miles. Highly recommend this hike.

Sun Nov 06 2016

The trail starts out steep then as you ascend t trail levels out, when you get to the pond at the end it's really beautiful.

Wed Oct 19 2016

Definitely an easy/moderate trail. Can be more strenuous depending on which side paths you take. Very lovely and tranquil in fall.

Mon Oct 03 2016

very pretty views. lots of variety between woodlands, meadows, mountain overlooks, and tranquil lake-side vistas. Very well maintained.

Thu Sep 29 2016

absolutely stunning view! A must see.

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