Photos of Chandler Ridge Trail and Leicester Hollow Trail Loop

Distance: 10.2 miles Elevation Gain: 1,466 feet Route Type: Loop




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3 months ago

I assume this trail is marked as moderate because of the distance because I found th terrain to be easy. I hiked carrying my 40lb toddler in a backpack on the Chandler loop trail to Silver Lake loop (but didn't do Silver Lake loop). My GPS said it was 10.22 miles from the parking area up Minnie Baker trail to Chandler loop trail to Silver Lake loop and then back down Chandler & Minnie Baker. Iturned it on after I had already been hiking so I think the distance was closer to 11 miles. Because of the distance and the fact that I was carrying my toddler (and we never stopped to take a break and eat lunch as I had intended), the ranking of moderate seems appropriate. If I was hiking without a toddler strapped on my back, I would mark the trail as moderately easy because the terrain was easy to navigate. There were a few sections where I couldn't see the trail very well because it was covered with leaves. I imagine in the Spring/Summer/before leaves have fallen that the trail is easy to follow. It would be an excellent trail for trail running. It was definitely a beautiful hike and I would /will do it again.