11.1 miles
4,655 feet
Point to Point

dogs on leash




1 month ago

This was a bucket list hike. Do it once, I guess, to say you've done it. Never do it again. Ok views are awesome. But!! The trails are soooo overgrown seriously you are going straight uphill and you have to ALSO PUSH through bushes. Pretty much half the hike is this way. WEAR PANTS! Bring lots of water. Start earlier than you think you should. The other thing as of today, July 7th, there were so many horse flies that take chunks out of your skin and tsetse flies that bite. It is almost redonkulous. No. It is redonkulous. It makes you want to die, but if you did they'd never find your body because the flies would eat you. They'd only find your back pack. This was THE WHOLE WAY down deep canyon. You could not stop to rest or you'd get eaten by flies. Not mosquitos. Flies. That bite. Did I say that before? I think if I did this again I'd just go to box elder Peak and then go back the same way I came up. I mean, it's kind of fun walking all along the ridgeline and it's scary sometimes, which is, indeed exhilarating, but probably not worth the flies. Also. This trail takes you to mendon peak. That's it. When you see a big rock on the left and a trail going down the hill take it. That is deep canyon. Don't keep taking this trail to the end unless you do want to hike mendon peak. Or you could take the maple one down. That would shave some unnecessary miles. I'm sure it's equally fly-ish and steep and overgrown so no big deal. That's all. Hope this is helpful