10.7 miles
1778 feet
Point to Point

kid friendly


off road driving

no shade

no dogs

off road driving
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taylor Canyon is a spur trail off the long White Rim Trail. To get to the trail head from Moab, you must take Rt 313 to a a dirt trail called Mineral Botton Road (Horse Thief Trail) travel 13 miles down this road to the switchbacks that lead you down 800' to the White Rim Trail. Hang a left and travel another 6 miles to the trailhead of Taylor Canyon. Now, its 5 more miles up canyon to the Spires of Zeus and Moses. I made this trip with my sons Ron and Bob on a beautiful June day. We wanted to explore the spires. Boy, was it hot that day. We spent a few hours exploring this scenic canyon before heading back to Moab. What a great day of hiking, Jeeping and fun with my boys.