Photos of Sundance Trail to Dark Canyon

4.3 miles
1,443 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


5 months ago

DOG OWNERS BEWARE! This is an amazing trail for backpacking but I really regret bringing my dogs. There were some dogs on the trail that seemed to do okay but their paws must have been well conditioned for the desert (we live in Colorado and my dogs paws were only used to shaded mountain hiking). The slope into the canyon is a steep hike with a lot of rock scrambles and loose rock and getting my very athletic dog to the bottom was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. His pads were sliced up and bloody by the time we got down and it took a few days of rest and healing before he could stand up and make it out of the canyon.

Unless your dog is very used to these conditions or wearing booties I would recommend leaving the pups at home. Again some dogs out there appeared to be okay but if you're questioning how your dog will do I'd suggest leaving them behind or going somewhere else. But for humans........amazing and challenging hike!