3.1 miles
810 feet
Out & Back



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13 days ago

This was a great fun, full of variety. Rather than do the 3.1 out and back trail (to the right of the chairlift as you look up (starts as a gravel access) I used the Sundance trail map and did the route others below have - take the chairlift to Ray’s Summit - there’s a sign saying “hikers get off here.” The lift is a nice break, hanging out, getting some great views of surrounding mountains and luxuriating in the the mountain breezes and the sounds of the aspens quaking. You’ll start on the Dry Lakes Loop which is also marked as the Stewart Falls trail, then head mostly downhill to Stewart Falls from there. The entire trail has excellent signage and is very easy to follow. This is a moderate trail, so you’ll have to keep your eyes on the trail as there are lots of rocks and roots and narrow spots on the single track to trip you up. I’d recommend taping or bracing any weak areas like ankles and/or wear traditional hiking boots vs trail runners. The first part of the trail is pretty shaded, then after you cross the stream at the falls, it goes back and forth between exposed and shaded with more exposure. I loved the variety of the trail and the scenery going this route, but if you have bad knees, you may want to do the 3.1 out and back as it’s uphill to the falls and downhill back. The route I took follows a downhill trend the whole way. I ended up with 4.0 mi total in a little over an hour.