Photos of Signal Peak from Pine Valley

12.9 miles
4,576 feet
Out & Back



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6 months ago

We didn't hike to Signal Peak. We were told the last leg didn’t have a trail and we didn’t want to fight the underbrush. So we took the Brown’s Point Trail and then cut off at the end to Oak Grove CG.

The trail hadn’t been cleared after the winter season so it had some debris on it. It is a pretty rough trail - steep and lots of rocks. It is pretty much straight up for miles. Then it peaks and you drop over 500 feet. Then the ascent recommences. We were about to turn back - exhausted. But we discovered we were only about a half-mile from the top. So glad we endured to the end!

The view is beautiful. If you want a very tough hike (by the way the scenery is beautiful all along the hike!) and to be rewarded at the end with a beautiful view, this is one to consider. I’m assuming the fact that we hit about 10,000 feet in elevation plays a role in its difficulty.

p.s. I am 71 and the guy I hiked with is 78. That may or may not put it in perspective. I’m
doing Rim-to-Rim next week and am glad I’m doing that and not this one again. :-)

p.s.s. A hiker who went about the same week we did wrote “This is the steepest and hardest trail that I have hiked in SW Utah. I only went 2.5 miles in as I was battered, bruised and bloodied.”