Rick's Creek via Ford Canyon and Ricks Creek Water Fall Trails [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

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Rick's Creek via Ford Canyon and Ricks Creek Water Fall Trails [PRIVATE PROPERTY] is a 2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Centerville, Utah that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as difficult and is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

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5 months ago

Nice waterfalls, but most of the trail is poor and overgrown. According to daviscountyutah.gov/trails you can follow the creek all the way to the Great Western Trail... I got stopped at a waterfall less than .5 miles from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.
There are also a few private property signs so be respectful, but I only encountered them from the back so I'm not sure exactly how expansive the private property is. Its not fenced and there are loads of trails to get back to the falls avoiding the signs.
The trailhead is on Main Street, but you could also start on Ford Canyon Crossing where the trail crosses the road. From Main Street follow the sign through the gate "Respectful Hikers Welcome" then take the single track. At the foot bridge you can cross or not, there is a second foot bridge to cross back. Once you get to the water pipes there is a steep climb up to the BST. Head north to approach the big falls from the top to avoid the Private Property signs. The trail down to the falls is just before the first cement structure. Its pretty steep but allows you to see the upper 2 parts of the falls which can't be seen from below. If you continue past the 2nd cement structure that is covered in graffiti there are 2 more small waterfalls before the trail ends.