Red Well to Coyote Gulch

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Red Well to Coyote Gulch is a 27.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Escalante, Utah that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, nature trips, and backpacking and is best used from April until November.

27.8 miles
3874 feet
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One of the many canyons in the Grand Staircase/Glen Canyon National Recreation areas. This out and back hike takes you from the plateau down into the gulch where the water level gets a little deeper as you go, never really more than knee deep outside of rainy weather. Secure a back country overnight permit from the visitor's center in Escalante. Start out at the red well trailhead located off the Hole in the Rock road. Hike down into the gulch and follow for miles passing Jacob Hamblin Arch, Indian Petroglyphs, & Natural Bridge. Plenty of Campsites along the way to choose from.

27 days ago

this route would add on a lot of extra mileage w/o great scenery - better to drop in at the crack at the Coyote Trailhead, camp, come out at Jacob Hamlin (150' rope recommended) - NO DOGS ALLOWED IN COYOTE (it's part of Glen Canyon)

3 months ago

Very cool hike with arches and huge overhangs. A large selection of camp sites both nights found spots with beach sand and wind protection. Plenty of water just bring waterproof boots.

4 months ago

I did a 2 day trip that got 11 miles into the canyon, sleeping by Jacob Hamlin Arch overnight. Coyote Gulch is a beautiful, gorgeous hike with no one other than a large party camping at the Arch. However, the Red Well approach was 3 stars. The trail is really sandy and pretty overgrown for more than the first 3 miles. If I were to do it again, I would do the Hurricane Wash approach to spend more time in the gulch and less time in the reedy sandy approach.

As a word of warning, when the trail doesn't always match up on the opposite side during a stream crossing. It's worth doubling back a little bit on the other side to check to make sure you're catching the right trail. The trail is usually removed away from the creek, so if you cross the creek and start following a trail right along the creek, chances are you've caught a deer trail that will end in brush or lead you to a dead end. The human trail is much more sandy than deer trails, which generally just have pushed over reeds.

I've seen some notes on hammocking--some campsites 0.5 mile+ past Jacob Hamlin had some great hammocking trees, but most sites either are overgrown underbrush or don't have the right kind of trees.

7 months ago

Super easy hike - the worst part is hiking in the sand during the first 2 miles. This can be done in 2 days but definitely take 3-4 if you want to enjoy the views/play in the water. Went during an extremely busy labor day weekend but still felt like we had the canyon to ourselves for most of the trip.

Please please please practice strict LNT on this hike!! Lots of trash by the Arch, really gross. Other than that this was gorgeous and definitely a repeat.

7 months ago

Be prepared.. LoL. First 2 miles (but felt like 5 miles)of soft sandy horse trail.. WEAR wool socks... Sand/Dirt will seep in every crevice.. in the creek trail part some rocks are slippery.. I would of died without my walking pole.. wish I had 2... We hike past big arch Jacob and camped.. next day hiked to end which we found no way out and headed back for lunch in shady first waterfall... Very nice spot to camp if you can snag it.. Views were beautiful and trails were fun.. hike out was treacherous and watch for baby rattlers.. We went beginning of June and stayed 3 days 2 nights.. kid/ family friendly place ♡

7 months ago

Amazing hike going East to West. Had a blast!

9 months ago

If your going all the way to the river, plan on 4 days. It can probably be done in 3 but we took it slow to take in the scenery. Got to the arch the first day and decided to hike back out on day two instead of continuing because we had a plane to catch.

You'll be crossing ankle deep water many times so wear appropriate foot wear.

Read several reviews warning there wasn't many places to hang hammocks so we opted for the tents. But there were plenty of available sites where you could hang.

Would definitely do this again if I lived closer.

Such a fun hike! Bring water shoes. You will be crossing the river lots!

11 months ago

Beautiful and fun. Very easy and hiking in and out of the water cools you off. It was nice because you could stop wherever and pitch camp for the night, wake up and continue along the trail.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Awesome backpacking trip through the UT desert. So many different things to see, plants, lots of lizards and many scenic views along the way. Some of the trail is through deep sand but is worth the trip. Many water crossings along the way, eventually your feet will get wet. About 10 miles to the Jacob Hamblin Arch. Camping right across the stream from the Arch is a great campsite.

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