Red Breaks Slot Canyon Trail

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Red Breaks Slot Canyon Trail is a 7.3 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Escalante, Utah that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from April until November.

7.3 miles
951 feet
Out & Back


nature trips





no dogs

The Red Breaks slot canyon shares the Harris Wash trailhead, then immediately heads left up the first side wash. The main narrows start after about one hour of hiking. The slot is never very deep but do tighten down and has frequent shallow pools. Their are also several chokestones but are navigable.

16 days ago

This trail is tough to get to. You will off-road for at least 6 miles so make sure you got a vehicle that can handle it. Once you get to the trailhead you have to hike through a mile and a half of sand (we did it in June- I don’t recommend). There was tons of animal feces and you have to do assisted lifts to get over some rocks towards the slots. The trail is empty though and there are some really pretty slots, especially if you are there the right time of day. Beautiful views at certain points. But you WILL CLIMB. I would travel at least 3 deep with this trail. And bring plenty of water and snacks. You won’t want to carry much else though because there are tight points to get through and we did a lot of assisting.

4 months ago

when you get to Harris Wash, cross the (dry) stream and continue following road until the next dry stream, only about .1 mile. go left up the stream and keep going until you get to some cairns (rock stacks) that will lead you around the dry waterfall that you can’t pass. You will be pretty high up at that point, but there is another path of cairns about .1 mile after the dry falls to lead you back down. if you do not see any cairns, the path back down begins where you see a form similar to a slide that looks easy to descend compared to any other area around you. If you continue to see cairns and you think you have gone too far, you probably have and you’re on the trail that you can take on the way back if you go the entire way through the trail, just turn around and find the safer way down into the canyon, you don’t wanna miss the fun. I missed it and set up some cairns today to better show the descend point. This hike should not be done is sneakers or sandals. Hiking boots or approach shoes with great grip on soft rock. I went through all 3 liters of water in my reservoir on this trek, and I carried an extra bottle with me. the majority of this hike is in sand, you will get better traction in the sand areas if you walk in the spots with more pebbles. there are a lot of chokes you have to navigate in this slot canyon, and it gets pretty narrow in certain spots. this is NOT a hike for someone that is claustrophobic or afraid of heights. you will be wedging yourself between rocks in many areas and using your entire body to solve the problems in the slots. GOOD LUCK, it’s beautiful!!!

5 months ago

We came in from the north side and found it difficult to follow the slot to the trail head. Had to exit the slot because of restrictions in the slot and bushwhack along the canyon wall before joining the trail below. Challenging but fun.

5 months ago

Hiked from Cosmic Ashtray and entered the canyon above where the trail shows. Had a difficult finding a way down into the upper canyon. Had to climb out of the upper part on the east side because of a major drop and didn't have ropes. Made our way down until a major spillover but found the trail on the west side a few hundred feet above the spillover.

6 months ago

Amazing! Not easy but well worth it if you can do it.

11 days ago