11.0 miles
1620 feet



nature trips


18 days ago

This trail is actually closer to 19 miles. It is down a gravel road, so be ready for 30-45 minutes of rough terrain. We saw some guys make it in a Honda Civic, but you’d be better off with a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The red breaks canyoning trail is stunning, but very (stress, VERY) challenging. We were lucky to be hiking with a tall, experienced, agile, and strong bunch, so we could help each other over large boulders and pass backpacks when spots got too tight. Luckily, we were all skinny enough to fit through some tiny cracks - definitely be wary of this trail if you’re on the larger side and/or claustrophobic. Some of the canyoning is rather technical if you’re not used to climbing. We all came out with many scrapes and bruises, but in a good way....

The trail to the cosmic astray is unmarked, and not really a trail as far as we could tell. Downloading the map is critical to make sure that you know where you are.

Too long, didn’t read: only go on this trail if you’re 1) ready to get lost 2) have the map downloaded 3) are strong and skinny 4) have lots of snacks and water 5) have more than 3 people in your group, preferably more. 6) allow up to 8-10 hours to do this hike comfortably.