Provo River Parkway

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Provo River Parkway is a 15.2 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Provo, Utah that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 15.2 miles Elevation Gain: 839 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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18 days ago

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road biking
3 months ago

Awesome to take the kids for a bike ride if you’re up to a moderate uphill 15 miles challenge. Super fun!

3 months ago

Ran from Geneva road to the lake on Saturday, very nice trail, asphalt the entire way. Wish there was better gravel to run on at the edges. Not too crowded. There is an extra extension at end of trail, if you go right the quick left after the end parking lot. extends run about 1 mile each way.

6 months ago

Nice for a stroll with the family.

7 months ago

Nice trail with lots of good views. Perfect for a walk with friends or family, biking,etc.

7 months ago

Great walking/hiking trail...very pretty along the Provo River and near Bridal Veil Falls.

7 months ago

Great longboarding trail. Even a beginner can do all but a couple spots. You can go from Vivian Park to the end of the trail (by Utah Lake) in under two hours.

road biking
8 months ago

We did 9 or so miles on this trail, only the part that parallels the Provo Canyon Road. We cycled. It was a nice day and there were lots of people on the trail. It would have been better to do it in the morning when there are much fewer people on the trail. All walkers do not stay to the side of the trail.

mountain biking
Wed Jul 18 2018

Excellent trail for a nice stroll, run or bike ride. Today, I biked it from Vivian Park to Utah Lake State park. It only took a few hours -- it's pretty much all downhill. It's a great trail to hit for a workout while enjoying nature.

Sun Jul 01 2018

great for the whole family.

road biking
Sat Jun 30 2018

Started at the beginning near Utah Lake, the first 2 miles is very nice then the roots have made the trail bumpy from Geneva Rd to State street. The next section is boring until you get to the mouth of the Canyon I stopped a Mt Timp Park. It is very lovely there with full rest room facilities and picnic tables and grass to relax on. Quite a few people and dogs on the trail. I would recommend riding very early in the morning or on a week day overall a nice little ride

road biking
Mon Jun 25 2018

We did the section entirely in the canyon. We started at Vivian Park and went to Canyon View Park. Starting in this direction, you lose elevation, and will gain it all on the way back. There were only two small sections that I had to get off and walk the bike, but mostly the elevation gains are very gradual, so you can easily do this trail if you are moderately in shape (like me). Also, this particular section is nice anytime of the day as it seems much of it remains shady.

road biking
Sun Jun 24 2018

By far one of the best trails you can do over and over and over again. No matter where you start on the train and where you choose to end, you’ll have a refreshing experience. Being able to trail along the provo river through any span of its journey is relaxing, enjoyable and worth it. I’ve done the full trail many times, definitely a more strenuous journey to do it all. WORTH IT

Fri Jan 19 2018

Perfect for a long run/bike ride, beautiful views if you start near the canyon where 189 meets 800 N (there is parking and a trail head here. Paved sidewalk the whole way with bike lanes and run/walk lane. Will definitely return. Not really a hiking trail.

road biking
Sat Nov 25 2017

We took our bikes on the FrontRunner from Salt Lake City to Provo and entered the trail from the riverside park. We went past the Shops at Riverwood at Orem, turned around and got the FrontRunner from Orem and went back to SLC.

Fri Oct 20 2017

This is a lovely trail, close to the river, paved (some bad root spots have been fixed recently), easy for littles. But it's not my favorite for riding...especially near Bridal Veil.

road biking
Fri Aug 11 2017

I've been riding this trail all summer and I am OBSESSED. I usually hop on around mile 9.5 and complete it 7 miles up to Vivian Park, because that canyon stretch is my favorite. Miles 1-6 there is some considerable damage on the pavement from tree roots so biking is a bit of a struggle, but it's still lovely to walk. Miles 6-9 are along University Ave and honestly not very exciting. Miles 9-16 follow through Provo canyon beneath shady trees and honestly I could never get sick of how beautiful it is! The trail is a steady incline pretty much the whole way, but I don't start to feel it until maybe 7 miles in. If you're biking I would recommend going in the early morning to avoid heavy pedestrian traffic; in the afternoon it is crowded and in the evening there are squads of longboarders coming down on the canyon stretch. I love this trail! Would definitely recommend.

Sun Jul 30 2017

Thought it would be more of a hike. Definitely flat and blacktop the whole way

Tue Jun 27 2017

Ran here a couple of times. One time right after a snowstorm, that was beautiful. It is pretty crowded, I wouldn't bike here but it's okay for running/walking.

road biking
Fri May 26 2017

Great for a casual stroll, but I do not recommend it for bikes at all. It is often crowded, and if it isn't crowded, the trail is bulging from tree roots underneath and is often littered with sticks, making it very difficult and uncomfortable to ride on a road bike. It was very difficult for me to enjoy the ride for most of the trail. The section in the canyon and along University are decent, but once you leave those areas, it gets bumpy and full of debris. It is much more peaceful to ride along neighborhood streets, or even along University Avenue in the bike lanes.

Mon Mar 27 2017

Beautiful! Maybe we just end up there on the wrong days but always seems so crowded.

paddle sports
Mon Jul 11 2016

We did not walk or bike any of the trails. We floated down the river on tubs. It was a lot of fun. Planing on going back to hike some of the trails real soon :)

road biking
Fri Jun 10 2016

Sections this trail are clear for bikers, but really it's too crowded and people don't observe the different lane uses. If biking up the canyon it's better to just take the road.

Sat Sep 19 2015

Ran this today, 9/18/15. From Vivian Park to the end of the trail at Utah Lake was 16.25 miles. The toughest part and least enjoyable was running along University Ave. The rest is tree covered for the most part so it stays cool. Started up above at on South Fork Road at Trefoil Ranch and then at the end I ran back to my car near the airport. Total run was 22.5 miles.

mountain biking
Sat Aug 08 2015

Love this trail! Often bike on it. They have water fountains along the way, beautiful bridges and canyon views. Also love that it connects to the Murdock Trail. Only down side is the amount of people on the trail.

Sat Jun 27 2015

This is a long boarding, walking, jogging, running, rollerblading, biking trail that is paved. Basically a "sidewalk"along the mountains for a beautiful workout. You can start at the bottom of Provo canyon.

road biking
Sun May 31 2015

I have spent lots of time biking, walking, running, and skateboarding all along this path. Really great path for getting outside.

Tue Mar 10 2015

Paved walking, biking, running trail. Nice for the family with small parks along the way to stop at and play. It's runs along the Provo river and has some great places for pictures. Along the way you can find cool things like Bridal Veil falls, from start to end it's 30 miles. So, pick a place to park the car and get out and walk.

Wed May 07 2014

Great trail for family exploration. Gorgeous natural formations and well maintained facilities along the way.

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