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1450 feet
Point to Point

mountain biking




no shade

no dogs

mountain biking
Tuesday, December 02, 2014

This is one for the bucket list!
If you are scared of heights , which I am, you might want to think twice before attempting this. The Portal Trail is a hiking trail up from the road the the top of the Mesa with a 300ft drop back down to Potash road at the top. A sheer cliff and a vertical wall line either side of the trail and makes for as extreme of an exposure as you can get. There are signs along the way warning you to dismount and walk a section which would be advice best heeded. These sections are almost impassable on a bike and are not worth the near non existent bragging rights.

All in all I would love to do this trail again. I have a video of me riding it you can check out here : http://adventeurs.com/the-deadliest-trail-in-america-portal-moab-ut/