Poison Spider Dinosaur Tracksite Trail

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Poison Spider Dinosaur Tracksite Trail is a 0.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Moab, Utah that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

0.3 miles
68 feet

dogs on leash

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90 million years ago the area around what is now Moab was covered in huge sand dunes. Between dune fields were scattered flat areas of wet sand, shallow ponds, and small streams. Dinosaurs crossed these flats and left their footprints, which were sometimes then covered by the shifting dunes and preserved intact. Millions of years later, after the sands had turned to stone, blocks containing the tracks have fallen out of the cliffs above and split along the bedding planes, exposing the tracks to the sun once again. Two rock slabs with footprints are visible from the parking lot, one at the base of the cliffs and another halfway down the slope, just above the cliff that drops down to the road. The lower of these slabs contains the tracks of at least 10 different meat-eating dinosaurs, ranging in size from 17 inches to nearly 5 feet at the hips. All the animals appear to have been walking at speeds of around 3 miles/hour. The parking lot and the lower slopes here are on the Kayenta Formation, but the blocks with the tracks on them have fallen down from the overlying Navajo Sandstone cliffs.

I visited a few years ago. It's a fun climb to the tracks, and to the rock art a little higher up. Also, we found more dinosaur tracks on a stone slab to the left of the rock art. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else. Enjoy!

29 days ago

really cool but you have to climb up to see the dinosaur tracks. there is a sign and a rock that has the tracks but it is up on this overlook. kinda steep. Cool tho!

3 months ago

Pretty awesome! Kinda difficult to get down.

4 months ago

short and sweet and awesome to see petroglyphs

8 months ago

Really liked the rock art.

9 months ago

Quick, easy and not strenous at all although you seriously need to watch young kids due to a potential fall hazard. The dinosaur tracks are really cool, my 10 year old loved it. There are heiroglyphics further up the trail past the dinosaur tracks you can get too (on the higher cliff walls) but the wife was freaking out about the kid slipping and falling so I left well enough alone and will save those for another day. All in all, a quick jaunt, not really even a hike but worth it if you're in Moab and want to try to get in all the sights.

9 months ago

There are a lot of social trails leading up to the tracks and rock art, making it hard to follow the actual trail in some places. Recommend continuing on the the trail to Longbow Arch (about 2.4 miles RT).

10 months ago

Not much of a hike. 20 minutes total. If you're driving to see the artwork on potash road, may as well go 3/4 mile up the road to see these - you see dinosaur tracks as a bonus

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easy hike with great views of the Colorado River and Kane Creek. Trail climbs from parking lot up to two separate dinosaur track blocks. Rock art can also been seen here. One section of the dinosaur tracks are near a cliff, so just keep small kids away from the edge.

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