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82 feet

kid friendly


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city walk

4 months ago

I always preface my reviews with, I’m an out of shape lady! Hey, that’s important to know. This is a great path for beginners. It is paved, but offers dirt paths for variety. Also, there is TONS OF SCENERY and VIEWS. Which is typically rare for a small loop hike, with a low climb, and isn’t highly trafficked with people. It is important to note there are sections with stairs, however, you can see others have paved out paths along the side with their strollers.

There are places to stop and sit, black beetles (a fair amount, fun for kids into insects), birds, we saw/heard a hummingbird. We’ve seen people with bikes, dogs—For being out of shape—we can do the loop in about 20 minutes. I’m sure the average John could do it in 10. There are bathrooms here, I believe there are water fountains (I haven’t checked). If not, there’s a 7/11 very close nearby. The only reason I gave 4 of 5 stars is I wish the loop was a little longer.