2.5 miles
1,368 feet
Out & Back


nature trips


wild flowers


over grown


washed out

no dogs

5 months ago

Hiked 4/29/18
This hike is straight up with no forgiveness. Lots of spring crossings along with hiking up streams. Your feet Will get wet, just be ready for that.
There are many downed trees, I'm going to get 12+ That you have to scramble over. Along with ducking under another 4 or so trees. This trails is very rocky and boulder filled. It is Very technical, because of that, I would rate this as hard.
There is a LOT of bush wacking, be prepared to be walking through a lot of leg scrapping bushes and plants. Wear pants!
We only found 2 of the mines, this part of the trail is virtually impossible to follow. People have hiked all over so it's easy to follow the wrong path.
There is a rocky landing at about 3/4 a mile up that has wonderful mountain views. Not long after this the trail becomes steeper and much harder to navigate with a lot lot more bush wacking, if you want a significantly easier hike, stop there.