Mount Olympus Trail

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Mount Olympus Trail is a 6.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.6 miles
3910 feet
Out & Back

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Climb 4,000 feet on this great trail to fantastic views over the Wasatch Valley and Salt Lake City. This is a steep, Class 3, climb up 4,000 to the top of a peak with great views over Salt Lake City and the surrounding Wasatch Mountains. You will be surprised at how abruptly you leave the bustling city below and find yourself high in an alpine environment. This is a good peak for budding mountaineers to start with.

3 days ago

Loved it! Steep in some parts and a bit of a rocky climb at the end but the view is definitely worth it. Definitely recommend going earlier in the day

5 days ago

Love it!!! Ultimate workout and do close to to. I’ll be back

6 days ago

Hiked to summit 2 days ago and it was gorgeous! Wore spikes for much of the ridge line portion between the switchbacks and the scramble.

7 days ago

Hiked to the summit on 1/28/18. Amazing trail with some good challenges once you get up past the switchbacks. I hiked the first mile or so without spikes but once you get past the switchbacks it was snowpacked and the spikes were a huge help, especially coming down to prevent slipping. The scramble at the top was snowy and icy, so just be sure to watch hand and footholds coming up and going down. Beautiful views at the summit and a cool mailbox with notepad to sign. Took about 2.5 hours to the top. Took my time coming down, stopping on a few ledges for photos and to just enjoy the day for about a 5 hour round trip. Easy to find the trailhead with lots of other hikers and trail runners on the bottom half.

9 days ago

Hiked up to the saddle today 1/24/18. Beautiful day. Trails were a little muddy the first 1/2 mile. Icy in sections, dry slippery snow the last mile before the saddle. Microspikes for the win! Can’t wait to go back up and get to the summit.

9 days ago

HELP! I dropped my prescription sunglasses on this hike on Feb 6th :( Dark gray RayBans, if anybody can return them, a reward is in store!

Amazing classic hike in Utah. A good balance for dog people and trail runners alike.

10 days ago

Was definitely a test without micro spikes but beautiful.

13 days ago

This was an amazing hike! I woke up a bit late, and thought that I was not going to do this one. I had to bike 11 miles to get there, and 11 miles back. I have to admit that it was confusing in the beginning, because there were a lot of trails that meander in different directions. I got a bit lost going to the Bonneville Shoreline trail instead. After realizing I was going the wrong direction, I was able to get back on the Olympus Wilderness Trail. Everyone was very friendly on the trail, and it was a great workout. The switchbacks in the beginning very fairly easy, but as you continued to gain elevation they became more difficult. It was icy and there was snow in the switchbacks. I'd definitely suggest taking your time. Also, I would highly recommend microspikes. The Class 3 scramble didn't seem like it was that bad. It's important to stop and look for hand holds and footprints. That was fairly helpful. Coming down was a little tricky even with microspikes. There were times I was sliding a lot, and at one point I slid down. A truly great hike, and I will definitely do it again! Oh, and the views were amazing from the summit!

27 days ago

Hiked while in town for a few days. Could not make it to the summit due to icey conditions and not having and sort of cleats. Great views though.

29 days ago

Amazing views!!

1 month ago

Absolutely incredible view from the top. Icy and some light snow.

1 month ago

Worth the view! Lots of snow and ice towards the top. Loved the challenge

1 month ago

This was my first Utah hike. This hike was amazing and one of the most difficult I have ever done, until day two (Mount Olympus). This was also my first snow hike, which was better than expected and I would recommend it. I was expecting a lite dusting of snow at the top due to a recent snow fall, but was hit with unexpected snow and ice, which began about an hour in. About 2.5 hours in, we turn a bend, and were welcomed by an amazing lake view, the first of three. As we continued on, the hike became steeper, more challenging, and more beautiful. The last bit is a scramble and the point where oxygen sickness started to set in. I would recommend doing a lower hike the day before to get used to the elevation, especially if you are coming from sea level, like we were. I would absolutely do this hike again and recommend it to anyone who is physically fit and looking for a challenge with a rewarding view.
I hiked this on October 6, 2017.

1 month ago

fairly easy switchbacks for the first third of the trail, But the last third being steep with a scramble up the last 300 feet. beautiful view at the top showing the Salt Lake valley, and the Wasatch ridge line 10/10 would recommend!

1 month ago

first hike in Utah. Not disappointed!

2 months ago

Hiked Mount Olympus for the first time with my kids (10 and 12) it was a hard hike but totally worth it to see SLC from the very top!

2 months ago

I had a blast on Mount Olympus! I went hiking on Saturday, December 16. Parts of the trail were covered in ice which made finding grip difficult. By holding on to some trees I was able to ascend the mountain. The scrambling at the top was a little bit sketchy because the trail was difficult to find. Overall it was a great experience.

2 months ago

What a view! Looking forward to next summer!

2 months ago

I lost a Boston beanie on Mount Olympus this morning. If anyone found it and sees this message please email me at

2 months ago

Harder than expected, but the view was so worth it! Took 2:07 up, accurately 3.26 miles up. not very fun to come down because it was steep

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