Millvue Peak Trail is a 6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.0 miles
2,831 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly




wild flowers

over grown

The trailhead is at Elbow Fork in Mill Creek Canyon. When you arrive at the trail junction, go right on Lambs Canyon Pass Trail. Less than a quarter mile from the junction is a footbridge. After you cross it, the trail stays near the stream, then makes two switchbacks away from it. At 0.82 miles, the trail turns back toward the stream again and crosses it with views of Mount Aire to the north. At 1.27 miles, you arrive at Lookout Point. Across Lookout Point is Gobblers Knob on the left and the jagged rock formations of Mount Raymond on the right. The trail follows the spine of the mountain and makes two switchbacks to Lambs Canyon Pass. At 1.67 miles, you arrive at the pass. To find the trail to Millvue Peak, take about 10 steps west from the trail post and look for a faint trail going southeast. The trail isn't posted and is very overgrown. Hikers need to pay close attention to stay on it. The trail heads southeast for the ridgeline. At the ridgeline, place cairns on the trail junction. With the overgrowth, it's easy to miss this junction on your return. Go left and stay on the spine of the ridge for the peak. At 2.5 miles, you arrive at Millvue Peak. As you head down, watch for the cairns you placed. If you hike past them, backtrack and find them. Don't bushwhack back to Lambs Canyon Pass.

1 month ago

Amazing Hike!

This time I learned my lesson and wore pants (and long John's) . . .

The Canyon was closed about half way, so it added another 3 miles making it 9 total round trip.

Took the dogs with me and glad I did as they helped plow the snow path ahead.

Had to rope them off about a 1/2 mile from the summit because there was a little bit of scrambling / exposure.

Beautiful views of Lamb's Canyon, Millcreek, the Salt Lake Valley and out East to the High Uintahs.

2 months ago

Dogs do not need to be on leash on odd days for Millcreek side (not allowed at all on Lamb's side). Trail is overgrown, especially between lambs trail and ridge. It's not the difficult to stay on the trail if you keep your eyes open. If you don't want your legs scratched were long socks or pants.

3 months ago

Did Millvue from the Lambs Canyon side & while we did lose the trail a couple times from the pass or watershed sign, we made the peak which is right behind the “low” peak with the man made structure and antenna on it. We always found the trail again by never going too far when we did lose it, and just keeping our heads cool & staying calm. Also saw a huge Moose. Legs are all scraped up, so wear longs or zip offs for the part between Lambs & Millvue. Bring lots of water and be patient on top, but trust me, the trail exists to Millvue and is recommended (class 2).

3 months ago

I hiked (or tried to hike) this trail about a week ago but started from the Lambs Canyon Pass side. Lambs Canyon Trail is well marked and easy to follow but I only got about .5 mile into Millvue Peak trail before giving up and turning around. The start of the trail isn't where it shows on the map. It's about 30 ft south. Not a big deal, I found it and started heading up. At the beginning it's easy to follow but not long into it there's a fork not shows on the map. I took the right fork and about 30 ft later couldn't see the trial at all. Following my phone I tried to trail blaze back to the dotted line. After getting frustrated, I gave up and turned around. When I finally found the trail again I decided to go back and take the left fork. Unfortunately the trail disappears almost immediately that way as well. I soon gave up since I was wearing shorts and was alone. If you are willing to just push along it looks like the vegetation opens up as you reach the crest but getting there is going to be a hassle.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I ran the ridge from Murdock down to Millvue. The trail from Millvue to Lamb’s Pass is basically nonexistent. It might be easier to follow on the way up, but I lost it repeatedly on the way down.

Also, Nick is wrong. Millvue *is* the peak shown on the map – the third along the ridge line. It doesn’t have a structure or anything on top. The trail from the first peak to there is completely overgrown.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hiked the ridge from Murdock Peak to Millvue Peak. The trail down to Lambs saddle is overgrown so where long pants. The trail isn't obvious from the summit because it's so overgrown.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

From what I can tell, this trail is incorrectly marked. Millvue Peak is the summit with the man-made building near the top. Travel past this point is possible, but the trails gets increasingly difficult to follow, until it fades and turns into a scramble or bushwhack to further peaks. There is no clear trail (yet) following the trail shown on the map.

With that said, the hike up to Millvue Peak at 8926 ft. is well marked and moderate. There are a couple steeper parts up to the summit, but nothing too long or difficult. It's a nice extension from the Lambs Canyon/Elbow Fork area, and dogs can still be on the Millvue Peak trail.

Looking at the topo map "Mount Aire O40111f6 1:24,000," Millvue is the westernmost peak at 8926, followed by Peak 9037 in the middle, and the easternmost endpoint of this map at Peak 9074. This would make Millvue the peak with the structure on top, visible on the way up from the Lambs/Elbow Fork saddle.

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