Lower Red Castle Lakes Trail

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Lower Red Castle Lakes Trail is a 19.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mountain View, Utah that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

19.4 miles
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Take Wyoming State Highway 410 South out of Mountain View about 8 miles. Where the highway makes a sharp right turn to the west go straight on to Uinta County Road 283 (gravel) and continue to Forest Service Road 072. Follow the signs past the Stateline Campground and past the China Meadows Campground to the China Meadows trailhead.

2 days ago

This trail is the most beautiful trail I've ever hiked. Also the longest and I read some of these reviews saying it's too hard and what not.. well by the time I got to the lower lake I had been up for a total of 26 hours from working and then driving 2.5 hours and then taking the 6 hours it took me to get to the lower lake and although strenuous. It's not at all difficult. It's super muddy and it hailed on us everyday so be prepared. The upper castle lake doesn't provide much to look at but when you're up there looking out over the land and you can see red castle and the lower lake it's worth the hour hike over the boulders to the west of the red castle lake.

2 days ago

I've been making the trek to RedCastle for 27 years... it's never disappointing! I chose 4 stars because of the current condition of the trail... it's muddy and wet up there, lots of damage to navigate from horse packing, if you are on a horse 5 stars.
The fishing was great at the middle lake, nailed the tigers and cuts. Use black and yellow jigs, wooly buggers.
Campers need to be more tidy and clean.. came across a few spots where human waste or trash was noticable... bark beetles have wreaked havoc on about 80 percent of the lower pines.. but up above the switch backs ... the pines are pretty healthy. Such a beautiful place to visit and come back to!

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23 days ago

Trail conditions were okay. Tons of horseback riders; makeing the trail really muddy at some points. Lots of mosquitoes. We spent a few days there and camped at a different place each night. Most camps had trash. Fishing was amazing. Day hikes were fun. Sunsets and weather conditions were good. Rained daily for about an hour in the evenings. Would definitely recommend.

30 days ago

Backpacked this in July, 2016. One of my favorite trails in the Uintas! I spent many nights in the Uintas as a boy scout and this was everything I remember and more. Saw a bunch of moose and saw some really deep back woods country only few can imagine if you've been here. Great two night adventure.

1 month ago

Great trail! Amazing views. The afternoon thunderstorms in the Unitas really are a thing so pack appropriately. Lots of bugs as well. Tons of moose in that area so pack your cameras.

One of the most beautiful hikes! This trail is a MUST. Super easy trail along the river into the open meadow and up the Red Castle Lakes.

1 month ago

Don't listen to Clayton(below), we hiked this trail with 3 beginners and not one person had an issue reaching the lake. Everyone carried 35lb packs and had no issues, very few breaks were necessary and the elevation gain was very moderate. Even the switch backs were extremely casual and short lived. The scenery was amazing and we had the entire lake to ourselves! The bugs were in abundance and constant application of bug spray was absolutely necessary but that was to be expected. I recommend this hike for everyone, including first timers.

Additionally I didn't download the map from this app and still tracked the trail with no issues.

9.8 miles, 3.4 hours, 1450 elevation change.

1 month ago


I'm so upset this trail was rated as "easy". So long story, but we ended up hiking in about 7 miles, and my friend decided he couldn't make the journey to the lake, so we backtracked a mile or so, headed up another trail for another mile or so. He sat down and I dropped off my pack, hiked in to see if I could find Lake Hessie about 2 miles, decided he couldn't get there, so I hiked back to where he was, and we put back all our gear and hiked all the way back to the car and headed home.

Now, maybe this wouldn't be too bad with just food and water, but it definitely wasn't easy with a tent and fishing gear. There were no distance markers whatsoever along the trail, so you never had any idea how far you had gone, or how far it was to go. I really think that would have been a huge help.

I'm giving the trail a 3 rating, because I never made it to the lakes, but the trail was pretty. We did see two moose. BEWARE, there are a LOT, I mean a LOT of mosquitos. They absolutely want to eat you, and possibly carry off your children, so bring high quality insect repellent, or you will be very sorry.

Another thing: I downloaded the alltrails app to my phone, so I could have an idea how far along the trail we were. The app is supposed to work without data. Now I'm not sure if there was absolutely no satellite signal up there, or what, but the app was completely unreliable.

1 month ago

Beautiful easy hike! The trail follows a meadow all the way up basically, until you hit a few switchbacks to get up to the basin where the lakes are. The trail keeps on going up past the Lower Lake and goes by several smaller lakes until you reach the upper lake. There is another top lake above the upper lake that is absolutely worth checking out. The upper lakes hold lots of Trout, great fishing. If time isnt a concern, the saddle to the West of the upper lake provides amazing views of the Uintas and is easy to climb up. Highly recommended camping out! Bring lots of mosquito repellent too.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Not strenuous at all for the distance. A friend and I did 3 days with a basecamp at Lower Red Castle Lake (LRCL). Explored the second day making our way up to Red Castle Lake(RCL). Once you get past LRCL there was more snow on the trail, but for mid June and all the snow Utah got this year it wasn't bad at all. We did not go all the way up to Upper Red Castle Lake because of the snow. I highly recommend doing more than an overnighter to get up to RCL and URCL. The views are AMAZING! Water is plentiful, so keep your pack light and don't carry more than a liter (and a filter of course). Talked with some folks on the way out on the 3rd morning who spent their time fishing and told us that the fish were plentiful.

9 months ago

11 months ago

If you begin at the trail head and hike to the Lower Red Castle Lake it is only 9 miles in. From there the trail splits you can either head to the East Red Castle Lake up or to Red Castle and Upper Red Castle Lakes. The hike is beautiful and follows a massive meadow most of the way. If you hike in the evening or morning you are very likely to see moose and deer. I also saw lots of elk sign in the lower areas.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great fun. Hard hike for a pack of 12 and 13 but worth it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This was my first legit backpacking trail, and it was a worthy one. Like most any destination, pictures do Red Castle no justice. But the name does. The mountain rises almost vertically from the surrounding valley, and is flanked by features that are impressive in their own right. Settling at the base after the long hike into high altitude is a reward typical of Sister Utah's legendary landscape.

This relatively inexperienced hiker found the trail very doable, if tough, for a three day trip, two days of hiking. The trail itself is a very gentle climb until the last climb to Red Castle base. If you've been going all day, this last climb can drain you quick. The destination had many campers and firewood was scarce. The Upper Red Castle Lake is a quick climb into the alpine zone, but one that left me pretty wrecked after day one. Nighttime this high up can get pretty cold but days are temperate. Water always accessible, so keep the filter on hand and shed the extra backpack weight. Bring your fishing rod for these healthy lakes and mountain streams. Needless to say, be prepared for war with the insect kingdom in the summer months.

Overall, the hike will be no challenge to experienced hikers, but offers the scenic payoff to make it worth seeking out this relatively remote destination. I would highly recommend it to hiking newcomers, who will receive the joys of a taxing foray into a very special place.

Monday, July 18, 2016

This trail being rated easy is true but be aware of altitude, it can sneak up on you and you can become winded if your not use to it. With that said, I have hiked all over the South West mountain ranges and the Uinta range is certainly a hidden gem! Absolutely beautiful at every step taken.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Took a church youth group up to Red Castle! What an amazing place. When you get to the foot bridge and can finally see Red Castle in the distance it is very inspiring, and gives more motivation to make it to the top! The hike does not have any big inclines (expect the small switch backs) but you are constantly on a gradual incline. I will be doing this hike again.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I did Red Castle back in September of 2015. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was about 31 miles for us round trip. We made base camp at the lower lake then day tripped up to the upper lakes. We did it in 2.5 days and it was so worth it. I keep wanting to take another trip up there! It was so beautiful! And the trail really isn't too hard. Just one spot that switchbacks up on your way in that got a little difficult but was still great. Not too many people were up there. We saw some forest rangers working on some of the trail and they were very nice and friendly. The fishing was great at the upper lakes too!!