17.2 miles
3,382 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly

nature trips

scenic driving


wild flowers


no dogs

scenic driving
9 days ago

This trail is for scenic driving or road cycling. It's not really for walking or hiking. Though, there are many hiking trails that start from this road. This road is quite narrow and windy in parts as it goes up into the mountain. This road is labeled moderate. I can only speak about driving up it (not road cycling), and I can say moderate could be true. If it is summer and snowless, it should be fine and easy, just have to drive carefully. But in the winter or wet weather, of course one needs to be careful and then it may be rated hard. This canyon is beautiful as the peaks are closer to the road, some are tree covered, and others are rock faces. When driving down, you can see into the Salt Lake Valley. It's a nice view going up and coming back down.