Little Baldy via Dry Canyon

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Little Baldy via Dry Canyon is a 6.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Lindon, Utah that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until September.

6.5 miles
2,683 feet



nature trips



Baldy does not have a trail head to the top, but this is still a great loop.

trail running
29 days ago

It was clear that the second half of the trail wasn't used much, at least if you follow this exact route. The trail was rough and pretty overgrown at parts, my legs got a huge rash on them by I think some stinging nettle that had overgrown the trail around mile 4, and I think I somehow missed any turnoff for the actual Little Baldy summit (I think this route just goes around it). That said, it did offer some really beautiful views, but I don't anticipate running this route again.

7 months ago

Its about 2.5 more miles to add the north-east Big Baldy Summit and its no harder than the Dry Canyon Trail incline.
Also a great view point on the Little Baldy side for another .5 miles or so.

7 months ago

We did this trail on a clear November day. it was fairly steep for about 2.5 miles. and then we turned at the top and began the loop down. it seemed like a clear trail but somehow we got off track and didn't see where the trail broke off and ended up going almost three miles further. For a total of 9.63 miles. Not sure how we missed it, we were following the app. The trail we we on paralleled the trail on the map, which was more confusing. This trail seems to be used by bikers quite a lot.