Hidden Canyon Trail

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Zion National Park

Hidden Canyon Trail is a 5.0 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Mount Carmel Junction, Utah that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until October.

Distance: 5.0 km Elevation Gain: 296 m Route Type: Out & Back


nature trips

bird watching


partially paved



wild flowers




no dogs

Temporarily closed due to rockfall. More information and updates can be found here: https://www.nps.gov/zion/learn/news/hidden-canyon-trail-closed-due-to-rockfall.htm Hidden Canyon is a strenuous 2.4 mile out and back trail that bears right opposite the Weeping Rock Trail and ascends steep switchbacks and along a cliff face into the mouth of a narrow canyon crevice between Cable Mountain and the Great White Throne. Hidden Canyon is a 2.4 mile out and back trail that bears right opposite the Weeping Rock Trail and ascends steep switchbacks and along a cliff face into the mouth of a narrow canyon crevice between Cable Mountain and the Great White Throne. The trail offers some awesome views and provides steel chains set in the rock to assist with traversing a dangerous cliff. This trail is not recommended for children. The trailhead is shared with the trail to Weeping Rock and East Rim Trail routes, at the top of the Big Bend. Take the right fork to climb 850 feet up steep switchbacks and across chain-assisted cliffs with some amazingly sheer and dangerous drop offs. The traditional trail ends at a slickrock surrounded set of pools and potholes that can become a raging waterfall during heavy rainstorms. This entrance to Hidden Canyon then leads to a free-standing arch and many boulders along the crevice between Cable Mountain (North and East face) and the Great White Throne (South and West Face). Much less crowded than the other trail routes along the Zion Scenic Road. The bouldering route just past the potholes continues another half-mile up the canyon before the route may get too technical for some visitors. The rest of the canyon requires technical climbing skills, though there are two arches before the canyon emerges atop the plateau.

1 month ago

MY FAVORITE TRAIL in Zion! I am so sad it’s closed right now as I wanted to do this one with my family while we were there last week. This one is the best kept secret though in Zion. I have no idea why it’s not done more but it is so cool. Lots of neat parts including some stomach turning sections that’s surpass Angels Landing (gripping the side of canyon walls and looking down to a loooong drop, hanging onto chains for your dear life). The hike leads to a stunning humble slot canyon that will make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon some secret temple. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Hardly anyone there!

washed out
Sat May 18 2019

When I got to Zion yesterday, the trail map no longer stated that Hidden Canyon was closed so I took the bus to it. The sign was still on the trail saying it was closed but since their newspaper was updated I decided to attempt it anyway. The trail is washed out and needs repaving. There is also a sizeable rock scramble over the slidden rocks that closed the trail (photo attached). Do not attempt this. After the first set of chains, there is nowhere to go. I hope it’s reopened again soon because it’s a gorgeous trail.

Wed May 15 2019

Really fun hike! Definitely underrated - almost no one was hiking with us. Definitely worth it! There were a few spots with chain to hold onto though that were harder to stomach (not for the faint of heart).

Mon Apr 22 2019

Wow!!! Definitely must see! Feels intemporal!

Thu Jan 24 2019

Did it in January. The rockfall that the signs warn you about isn’t too hard to get past, even with snow. However, there was too much snow for my unequipped self once I got past that first section of descending chains for me to go further. I’d never done this before, so I actually had no idea where the trail went due to the snow and no footprints to follow (the sets I’d followed had all turned around at the same point, after that first set of chains). I thought there was a second rockfall that had blocked the trail; in reality, after watching YouTube videos later, the trail was just so deep in snow it was unfindable. Anyways, the hike was still way cool and had good views for as far as I was able to go.

Wed Dec 26 2018

Did it in the winter. Very cool, bring traction.

Mon Dec 17 2018

Hold on to the chain!

Sat Dec 08 2018

Makes a nice day for an easy hike, incorporating scrambling and some adventure if combine weeping rock.

Sun Nov 18 2018

Just walked passed this section today Nov 17 2018 and it is closed due to rock fall. You can keep going to the observation point thou.

Thu Nov 01 2018

I read that the rock fall was in the chains section. My question is can you hike up until this section and stop? Love this part of the trail and will be there November 19! I assume you can at least get to the trail split to observation point but I would like to continue to the right direction before the “chains.”

Tue Oct 23 2018

I hope it opens back up soon. I hiked it in June of 2017. This is one of my favorite short hikes I’ve done.

Mon Oct 22 2018

All switchbacks. Those with a fear of heights may have difficulty at the top. Chains for the majority of the top, but a few spots where there are none, which makes for a more interesting time. Solid hike and not very far at all. Poles may have helped the knees on the descent.

Sat Sep 08 2018

Pretty nice little hike at Zion. The section without the chain and the 1,000 foot drop isn't as bad as you think it might be. :)

Fri Aug 31 2018

This trail is closed by the park service until further notice. There was a rockslide on August 28. The Ranger told me they would wait a week and reevaluate to see if it stabilized. I’ve only been to Zion twice and this stupid trail has been closed both times. It would also be nice to know this information before I fly 1500 miles out here to hike this. How are people posting that they hiked this yesterday? That leaves false information which misleads people that use this app.

Wed Aug 29 2018

Love this hike! It's great if you're looking to stay in the shade and like traversing unmaintained canyon crevice. The first 1/4 mile or so is maintained, beginning with steep switchbacks, followed by steel cables bolted into the rock walls to guide you along the face of the mountain. But once you're back into the "crevice" between the mountains, there is a sign that says the trail is unmaintained. Simply follow it as long as you'd like (there's no fear of getting lost since there's only one direction to go). We did not take it to the end since I think it gets kinda technical later on. There were also some large hiking groups ahead of us that created a sort of bottleneck. Mind your footing on this trail, especially when you're next to the steel cables. The sandstone rock is very slick with beach sand.

Tue Aug 28 2018

I loved this trail. I really hate switchbacks, but the ones in this hike are made worth it by the actual canyon part of the hike. It reminded me of an obstacle course. Sandstone was very slippery after all the loose sand tracked on it, but still awesome. 60 year old (fit) father was able to do it. Some of the obstacles ARE challenging. Climbing and scrambling is required. Wouldn't recommend for anyone shorter than 48in. I'm 5 feet even and had some trouble maneuvering over some of the sandy boulders. Highly recommend.

Sat Aug 25 2018

Good canyon overlook view up top. The cables add a little difficulty but it is well built.

Sat Jul 21 2018

This trail is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great views of the canyon and absolutely exhilarating with the large drop offs and hairpin switchbacks. I did this hike on 7/20 and as of today, 7/21, I was informed by a ranger that the trail is CLOSED due to a rock fall.

Sat Jul 14 2018

The begin is very steep but getting to the area where you hold on to chains and try to keep from slipping was very fun! Combined with observation point this trail is wonderful

Tue Jun 19 2018

This is a great trail to take, and if you want a good full day of hiking, you can do Weeping Rock, Hidden Canyon, and Observation Point all in one day. Hidden Canyon has some spots with good shade, so it's a good one to do on a hot day. There are a couple places where you have to shimmy along a cliff face holding onto chains - it can be nerve-racking and there isn't enough room to deal with traffic.

Thu Jun 14 2018

This is a nice hike to do. Wasn't to hard we did it with our 3 kids 5,7,10. They had no irritable doing it. We hiked all the way back to see the arch. It was pretty cool. You have to hike about 700 feet past the last sign that says end of trail turn back. I think it was worth the hike. Go early if you want to beat the crowd.

Fri Jun 01 2018

Recommend this hike for those that want a little less traveled while visiting Zion. Very steep switchbacks on the climb up with sheer drop offs to one side as you hike. Some areas have chains to assist those afraid to walk freely (I recommend holding the chains, but that may be my fear of heights). Once to the canyon we almost turned back before reaching the end because we didn't realize there was a small free standing arch, and a sign that says end of trail but another hiker motivated us as he was going down. I would recommend this hike for the sure footed hiker as parts get a little sketchy along the way but it is completely work the trip.

Mon May 28 2018

This is like a baby angels landing. Still amazing hike and has fun rock climbing at the top. Arch is at beginning of the canyon.

Sun May 27 2018

Great view. Long drop offs, not for anyone fearful of heights.

Thu May 17 2018

Once you get inside the canyon its cooler and narrow. Really get an up close feeling of the sheerness of the vertical rock walls. We got a frog symphony at a small pool. good reward for the uphill climb. There were just a few chains on the trail. Small arch on the right side of the canyon as you continue in.

Sat May 12 2018

Great hike, really enjoyed the unmaintained trail to the arch as well. but it is a tier below the "big name" hikes of zion

Tue May 08 2018

We did this trail after coming down from Observation Point on East Rim Trail (once you're above the early nasty East Rim switchbacks, you may as well maximize your fun). We hadn't yet done Angels Landing, so the few sections on Hidden Canyon with chains at the exposed sections were a fun warm up for that. Some nice views on the way up. We didn't go way into the Canyon itself - only scrambled over a few rock obstacles, so we didn't see the arch. We were more interesting in seeing what an exposed face with a grab chain was like.

Tue May 08 2018

Very unique trail! And you get to use some chains like Angel’s Landing which is cool. The first part is all switchbacks and then a short walk to the canyon. You can go pretty far into the canyon even passed the end of trail sign if you’re willing to scramble and stuff, but it doesn’t really amount to a view or anything. Follow me on Instagram for pictures of the hikes and other adventures @wildrumpfie

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