Hayden Peak is a 3.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kamas, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until September.

3.8 miles
2,089 feet
Out & Back




rock climbing


trail running





wild flowers



off trail

no shade

Park at the Highland trailhead and head East. PLEASE NOTE there is no marked trail--just head towards the Ridgeline that runs East--West that will take you up to the main North to South Ridgeline. Hike to the south base of that ridge. You'll see a small pond that is a great place to start getting up on that first ridge. Just before you come to the main ridge you'll have to do some light rock-climbing. Once you are on top, follow the ridge north just to the base of the falls summit. Unless you are really adventurous, head to the west of that false summit, staying fairly flat until you come to a chute about a 150 yards after. It will take you back up to the ridge. Once you are back on the ridge, follow that until you are on the East face, just below the summit. From their you'll be able to hike straight up to the summit.

1 month ago

Just like everybody says, there's no marked trailhead so check the tips for directions. The pond is still there but it's all climb. LOTS of rock climbing, I'd check for wind speed before heading up because there's parts that are incredibly sketchy. The part I got confused on how to get up was getting to the ridge, you'll find a kind of cave when you get up top, climb the side as I found it to be the easiest way up for a short person. Other than that just follow all the stacked small rocks that people have placed as a guide. Totally worth there climb for the views

3 months ago

Started at camp Steiner in 2016 and saw this as the highest peak around. It took about 5 hours and is still my favorite hike I have ever done. Really intense at times and a little dangerous for anyone under 12 years old. Great views and really what adventurerers are looking for!!!

5 months ago

This hike is not for the faint of heart... Features stunning views and exhilarating hiking and bouldering. This is a Family favorite for my family and I. Just a note from us... Go around the west side of the false peak and there is a chute a few hundred yards north of that--that you can climb back up to the ridge before you summit. This hike requires a lot of steep bouldering and climbing. The hard work is worth it for the amazing view at the end.

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