Grove Creek and Battle Creek Loop Trail

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Grove Creek and Battle Creek Loop Trail is a 8.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Pleasant Grove, Utah that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

8.2 miles
2644 feet

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2 months ago

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

3 months ago

the dog and i did the grove creek to battle creek hike yesterday..nice to get above the inversion and very warm up top...scenery was beautiful, switching from jagged cliffs to waterfalls, to meadows and back..up at indian spring meadows area (i think that's the name) lots of deer...on the way down battle creek canyon there are a few really slick icy spots covering the trail...loved this hike..

3 months ago

Beautiful views of the valley, shear cliffs and a waterfall!

4 months ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on. Every corner you turned, there was new scenery. Beautiful fall leaves & running water along side you.

7 months ago

Lots of fun definitely go for a experience hiker

7 months ago

amazing. But it didn't feel moderate to me. hard work to get up to the falls but absolutely beautiful there after

7 months ago

Once you cross the waterfall, this is spectacular. Beautiful, not overly challenging, and diverse. Awesome hike.

7 months ago

Really pretty trail, but do it early as most of the trail is exposed to sun. There is a artesian spring at the crossing with awesome water.

8 months ago

11 year old scouts loved it.

8 months ago

Incredible views! A nice tough hike that is well worth it.

8 months ago

This is good as it gets when you're only a couple miles from your house to be able to get up into the mountains quickly amazing hike.

8 months ago

Great, moderate hike with beautiful meadows between the Grove Creek and Battle Creek trails, and a few waterfalls along the way. Only bummer was the last, dusty 1.1 mile stretch between Grove Creek and Battle Creek falls. Next time, I may just do an out and back starting from the Grove Creek Parking and up to the meadows.
There's a few sections there are a bit steep for the kiddos.
Wildlife: Turkey, Deer, snakes, birds

8 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike for the most part. While the scenery was beautiful the whole way, I'd have given this 5 stars if there was some kind of summit or overlook. The hike was a little anticlimactic ending on the part that connects the two parking lots. We started at the grove creek lot and went clockwise which is definitely what I would recommend. Then meadows at the top are enchanting. It was also lovely to see two waterfalls and the spring. Really great hike, took about 4 hours to complete the loop.

9 months ago

This is a very beautiful hike with two waterfalls and meadows on the top. Indian Springs is a good place to refill water bottles. The Grove Creek side is steeper, rockier, and sunnier. The Battlecreek side is more forested, and therefore shadier.

It took about 4.5 hours at an average pace with a .5 hour break starting from the Grove Creek parking lot and looping around clockwise. If I hiked this again (which I would), I would still go clockwise, but park in the Battlecreek parking lot instead.

9 months ago

The highlight of this hike for me is definitely the beautiful meadows at the top. I recommend starting with the flat walk between the two canyons or parking a car at the mouth of each canyon.

There are some spots on the Grove Creek side where you can take the wrong trail, but if you follow the map on All Trails you won't get lost.

Also it gets extremely crowded around the falls on the Battle Creek side, so be prepared for that.

It also gets pretty steep going downhill, and I wish I had brought trecking poles.

10 months ago

I don't know how this isn't rated well into the high fours! This is one of my favorite hikes ever! Seems like the low ratings come from people who weren't prepared for the distance or the climb. It's moderately steep.

Mid May is a gorgeous time to go! Everything is green and the waterfalls and streams are full of water. The meadow at the top is the biggest, most beautiful mountain meadow I've ever seen. And it hikes right under Timp! And since I hit the meadow around 7 pm, the deer were starting to come out to feed. I drank from the spring, it was refreshing!

As far as distance, there's no way this is is 10 like some reviewers say. The Battle Creek portion is 2.5 miles, the Grove Creek portion to the spring is 2.8 miles. The stretches in between are maybe a mile to a mile and half tops?

However, the all trails map is wrong. If you start heading up Grove creek then across the top to the Battle Creek trail, you'll actually drop down into Battle Creek canyon sooner than the map says. There are signs that guide you though. If you follow the map, then maybe it really is closer to ten.

10 months ago

Took my husky/collie mix. She loved it, me not so much. party of that was that it was 3 miles longer than expected. this app said a little over 7. 10.19 miles is what my GPS and fitness tracker marked. If I ever did this again I would probably start with the part that connects Grove Creek and Battle Creek as that was a very ugly and anticlimactic ending for me this time. Unless your buns and thighs are in top shape I would recommend trekking poles. Make sure you either know which trails/roads to take our you have a GPS. We saw deer, a turkey, and a crazy bird that scared us to death!

10 months ago

Heading up Grove Creek to the falls isn't the prettiest trail but once you get into the pines at the waterfall it is really nice the rest of the way. There is a spring at the top which I've used for years. The meadows at the top are amazing.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I'll definitely go again. funnest hike with the best sights I've seen yet in the area, my friend couldnt complete it but I thought it was perfect!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fun trail! It was a little steep at the beginning for the kids, but they powered through. We only got 1 mile up and even from there out had stunning views of Utah Lake and various mountain ranges.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

11.19.2016 | 15lb Backpack | Recommend Sunscreen

My GSD and I completed the full loop from Grove Creek to Battle Creek and loved it! Indian Springs is a great place to take a breather and soak in the views but the best part is reaching the saddle. Timp is majestic! The Battle Creek side is rockier and steeper so it was slow going down--my least favorite part. This is a fairly strenuous hike (especially with a pack) and exposed so I highly recommend sun protection.

There were a lot of people hiking up Grove Creek to the falls and I met a few people on the way down Battle Creek but there wasn't a soul in the saddle which enhanced my experience. It was an absolutely stunning, peaceful hike that I hope to do again next year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11.12.2016 | 15lb Backpack

For a Saturday, the Grove Creek trail was busy but not overwhelming. My GSD and I made it to the falls which is a decent climb but not too far from the trailhead. There are lots of cross trails, so be sure to have a map or ask someone for directions! You'll start by heading East into the canyon, switchback to the face of the mountain overlooking PG and then cut East again.

There are definitely some narrow sections but nothing too intimidating. Just be sure you're paying attention to your feet on the way down as the rocks can be slippery.

Apparently after the falls you cross a bridge and move from rocky/scrubby terrain to meadow/pine tree terrain which sounds like nice variety. I really enjoyed the valley views on the way down and definitely want to come back to complete the loop.

Overall it's peaceful, beautiful and a good leg burner!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I think it's harder then Moderate..

Monday, September 26, 2016

This was an AWESOME hike! The fall foliage is breath taking with the snowy mountains as a backdrop. Literally this was the most beautiful hike I've ever been on. Be sure to bring lots of water and snacks. Parts of the trail are muddy and at times you have to traverse the creek, and my feet got wet, so wear good waterproof shoes if you have them. The hike down was steep and would probably not be good for someone with bad knees.

You will need to download and use the GPS map included in AllTrails Pro or some other GPS system to navigate, there's too many opportunities to take the wrong way. Also, make sure you have someone pick you up because you will end up at a different parking lot than where you started; the trail ends around Kiwanis park.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

LOVED this loop. The trees are exploding with color up battle creek side and at the top of the loop! Magical! I suggest going up battle creek and down the other, just my opinion. Top of the loop can be confusing, watch for signs, access roads can confuse you which way to go. The spring at Indian Campground was real cool. Also I suggest two cars, one at each parking lot...walking back over to Kiwanis parking lot from the other canyon was confusing, no shade and rough trying to figure which road to follow...which is why I gave it only 4 stars. Otherwise this was a great hike and worth the uphill/downhill efforts. My dog loved the water and adventure.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Great hike for adults. Definitely not for little kids as trail follows some steep cliffs up grove creek and is quite steep. Beautiful views when you are up behind the G mountain. Took about 2.5 hours at moderate pace. We parked a car at the mouth of each canyon - so we didn't do the complete loop.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Beautiful hike. Fairly strenuous. I hiked it two days ago and didn't encounter any flies or overgrown trails.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

I forgot to mention that it was recorded at 9.5 miles from Grove Creek trailhead to Battle Creek trail head. so if you complete the loop it would be over 10.5
Alltrails doeznt seem to have it accurate.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

my friends and I went up there this week to backpack, thinking it would be a pretth moderate first trail. Grove Creek was great, but once you pass the waterfull and get in the meadow, there is so much overgrowth and flies!! THE FLIES OH GOD. They were fearless bastards, that would not leave us alone no matter how hard we flicked them off, they clinged until we killed them with our bare hands. They bit too. And it hurt. We camped at Indian springs, in some tree clearings, and they were abundant there as well. I've never seen so many flies in my life. We thought we checked out the spot decemtly enough, but later in the evening after we were about to go to bed we saw two huge wasp nests above our tent. Oh, and there was so much stinging nettle in the indian springs meadow, it's an uncomfortable hike through to get out. The next day as we hiked across 151 to Battle Creek, the trail was covered in poison oak and I am unbelievably itchy. Once were hiking down battlecreek, there was an area also overgrown, that I couldnt see the trail very well and slipped off, falling with my pack on and sprained my ankle, which lead to the last 2 miles down to be very painful. The meadow between Big Baldy and Timo is so breathtaking, though. It made the whole ordeal worth it. The rangers said they're going up next week to start clearing the path and making it safer for everyone to enjoy. As of right now, I don't recommend it.

Monday, June 27, 2016

It was such a beautiful hike up there. We've had plenty of rain and things are really green. I saw a large buck duck into the tree line and a doe stood there watching me as I made my way through the meadow connecting to the top of Battle Creek trail.

I'd like to go again with friends and family. Maybe hammocking

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