11.4 miles
2,916 feet

dogs on leash




horseback riding

trail running



wild flowers



over grown


7 months ago

I did this in the middle of the summer and had a very tough recovery
I saw some horse people at the trailhead but never saw another person or animal for the next 8 hours
I had a good mapped out trail for my GPS
But about 4 miles in it turns to start up and that intersection was grown over
I decided to just follow the middle fork o explore and ended up at a very narrow section and could hear a moose
I had see his urine and droppings along the way. I decided to just turn around and go home. On the way back I found where I should have started up and took some rocks to mark the trail for others and next time. I decided to just start up the very steep incline for a while and after another hour found myself at a cliff and no trail. I turned around and decided to backtrack for home. After about 10 minutes I found where I had taken a wrong turn. Once back on the correct trail I figured I was at the halfway point or more and I could see the trail starting back to the south. I hiked for another hour and stopped to eat and rest by now I had been out for about 4 hours. I had previously hiked Getsten canyon and up to the eastern high point so I felt it was close and would be about 2 hours down from there. After resting I hiked the ridge for what seemed like an eternity and finely got to the place I knew. By now it was in the high 90s and I was running short on fluids and food I stopped to tie a shoe lace and got a cramp
I knew I had at least 1.5 hours to go so I drank my last gator aid and saved just enough water to be able to wet my throat every once in a while. I got back down to heavy woods and gersten creek and contemplated spending the night in the woods next to the creek
I had run a number of marathons and knew how much more I could push myself so decided that I could make it. I had good cell phone service and knew I could always call for help
I took an hour between the woods and the trailhead. I got to the car started the engine turned on the air and went to reverse in about 3 seconds
I can set on my deck and see the hike
I call it The Hike From Hell!
I planned on a 6 hour hike and took provisions for 8 hours. The only problem it it took 9 hours!