Donut Falls Trail

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Donut Falls Trail is a 1.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

1.5 miles
305 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly

cross country skiing









wild flowers





no dogs

The turn off to the Donut Falls Hiking Trail is located approx 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Take a right and drive past the Jordan Pines Picnic Area and some private property to the trailhead parking lot. The trail starts to south of the parking lot by the restrooms.

1 day ago

Went on a Saturday afternoon & loved it! We didn't know that you could park right at the start of the trail so we ended up hiking from the very bottom of the parking lot. I just started working on getting fit so it was easy for the people I went with, but harder for me. We didn't take the main trail. There's an easier trail that is down the road more. It's longer but not as steep. There was hardly anyone that took this way so it was nice. The falls were beautiful & it definitely had the right amount of shade along the trail.

2 days ago

too many people... but beautiful

nature trips
2 days ago

Donut Falls is a short hike, great for a quick easy outing. It is very heavily trafficked, mostly by families. Go early if you want to park close to the trail, or you have to park on the main road.
To get to the actual donut fall you have to climb the face of a minor waterfall, and it is in a cave at the top.
Usually this isn't a hard task but as of now it is still runoff season. You can't stand under the falls right now because the water is too fast. It is definitely dangerous now and I would save this hike for later in the summer if you really want to enjoy the cave and the water.

2 days ago

Beautiful trail and features, and a short, easy hike. Can occasionally be crowded, typically on the weekend.

3 days ago

Super easy hike for the whole family. Can be really crowded on the weekends.

3 days ago

Super awesome!!! One of the most beautiful trails we’ve done since moving to the wasatch back.

5 days ago

Great Hike!

5 days ago

extremely crowded. nice hike, but people were rude. dogs were up there even though it says no dogs. pretty sights, would recommend going when less people.

5 days ago

Great trail. We arrived just after 8 and there was only one other car in the lot and they were leaving. We left around 10 and the entire lot was full with another 15-20 cars lining the road. Short, pretty, and perfect for slow hikers and children. We did it with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old in packs. Our 3 yr. old did the majority of the hike back by herself w/o difficulty.

Easy hike and very pretty but if you want to actually get up to the top or in front of the falls there’s a bit of rock climbing involved and you’re feet will definitely get wet. It’s cold water too so I recommend waterproof socks/shoes. Climbing all the way up isn’t necessary. There is still a beautiful view from the bottom but if you do climb up you can see the top of the donut which was gorgeous

Easy trail. Bit crowded.

6 days ago

Easy trail. Quite crowded in the summer

8 days ago

Pretty but crowded

9 days ago

Great hike for family but very crowded.

9 days ago

Short and crowded, but beautiful and well worth a hike.

9 days ago

This hike is extremely short and easy. The plus sides: beautiful, anyone can do it, cool waterfall at the end. The only real downside is the large of amount of people that hike this trail. Which, for many, is an upside because they can bring their kids, as it’s so quick and easy. The best part of this trail for any experienced hiker is the end. This is the only part of the trail that gives you a scrambling opportunity and any sort of challenge. While I was up past the point of everyone else, I noticed there is a small trail that continues up and along the water. I followed it for about 10 minutes before turning back, because I was with family that didn’t follow me to that point. When I made it back down the waterfall, I realized the family must’ve begun the trek down already, so I ran down the mountain. 4-5 minutes later I reached the trailhead, where they had been waiting for just a few minutes. That’s how short the trail is. The only time I would want to do this trail again, is to explore well beyond the waterfall. Otherwise, it’s too short, too easy, and too many people for my liking.

10 days ago

This hike has always been one of my favorites. I enjoy it each time we go, from when I was little to now with my own kids.

13 days ago

We went with our 9 month old in her Lille baby carrier. The road to the trailhead is now open. It was pretty crowded even for a weekday evening. The trail is beautiful with lots of trees and great views. However, once we got closer to the falls there was a steep rock where one must get down to actually view the falls. We didn’t do this because it seemed risky with a baby. The trail is otherwise very kid-friendly and there are decent spots where one can get a view of the creek.

14 days ago


16 days ago

Awesome hike!!! Did this a week ago and would highly recommend it. We had a large group ranging in age from 39 down to 4 years old. The 4 year old was able to do it. Be careful of the mud after any rain.

18 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful scenery

19 days ago

Very busy when we did this two weeks ago, but a picturesque trail. Plenty of scrambling opportunities at the end to get closer to the waterfall.

24 days ago

Water is pretty high with run off and gate is still closed so that adds a mile to hike. Chipmunks are out and adorable.

24 days ago

Pretty trail but way to crowded. Probably better during the week.

26 days ago

Nice hike. It's very busy during the summer season, but still fun.

27 days ago

We hiked it with our little one (9 months) she was in a carrier the first time for her. The beginning part you have to hike the road because the gates aren't open to drive it yet. We started about 7 and two moose crossed our path. We saw deer as well, the nature part was amazing. The trail was easy to follow and the scenery was green. The trail was muddy and slick, wear trash shoes with plenty of traction. Enjoy the beautiful colors, the weather was overcast it had just rained and was cold. Hiking in the evening wear layers.

27 days ago

My friend and I hit the trail afternoon in a rainy day. we couldn't make it to the donut falls as it started raining at the part where the climbing became complicated so you have to walk on rocks by the side of the river. it would be risky in dry days though. views of the snowy top mountain are amazing. Enjoy!

29 days ago

Awesome easy trail through the jungle. Great for kids and adults equally.

the climb till the fall is little risky and difficult because of cold flowing water.l which may not be the case in summers.

just do this one to be in harmony with nature.

1 month ago

Wonderful family hike! My sister in law and I made it easily with 5 littles ages 2-5!
Going this time of year is SO much less crowded than the summer months and going in the morning meant we had the falls almost to ourselves!
The gate was still closed, and that about doubled the hike walking from the main road...though often times the main lot is full anyway and you end up parking far away, regardless!

1 month ago

Fun, easy hike. The scenery is fantastic. I went up on May 15th, 2018 in the evening. The ground was damp and there was a decent amount of mud, as well as a couple of places with super packed snow (super dirty snow that blends in with the trail). The water level is kinda high, so I got kinda wet climbing on the rocks up to the waterfall. The rocks are slick and wet, so be careful.

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